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Here's a new advantage from Bulletproof Blues third edition (currently under construction): Sidekick!


The character fights more effectively when they fight alongside their mentor. If the sidekick is within short range (10 m) of their mentor, their attack value (AV) and defense value (DV) are equal to their normal values, or one less than their mentor's values during that turn, whichever is greater. The character's mentor must be chosen when this advantage is purchased, and should change very rarely, if ever.

Completely revised the whole benchmarks and movement tables. The essentials are the same: doubling at the lower end, increasing more rapidly at the high end, with attribute 4 being Olympic gold medal, world record territory. However, have made calculating movement a bit simpler, and made it easier to use powers like Super-running. Good changes, all. I feel quite happy with them.

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As a prelude to Bulletproof Blues 3 (and to make future translations more straightforward), we have re-organized the BB section of the Open Game Content site on RPG Library. Please let us know if you encounter any broken links or other problems.

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It's been a while since an update. Kalos Comics has pretty much gone into hibernation. We did what we meant to do, and if Bulletproof Blues had taken off, we would put effort into more new stuff. But it didn't take off, and that's okay: we hope a few folks have had a good time with what we've done.

That being said, our next project will be a third edition of Bulletproof Blues. The intention will be to simplify the game mechanics a little. We'll get rid of per-power "rank", and instead go with a "Power" attribute, and the character's various powers will all be based on that. Way simpler.

Not everyone will like that. If you don't, BB2 and the supplements we already have will still be available, and you can play that. But if you do look forward to the newer, simpler way of doing things, hopefully we'll have BB3 out by Christmas. Some time after that, we'll convert our existing sourcebooks to support BB3. The previous versions will remain available, of course -- we aren't monsters....

Happy gaming, folks. :)

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Inspired by +Steve Kenson, we have decided to donate all proceeds from the sale of Ruins Of Atlanta to the Southern Poverty Law Center -- retroactively, meaning if you have already purchased Ruins Of Atlanta, you have already donated! Good for you!

If you haven't picked up Ruins Of Atlanta, you really should. It's a fantastic sourcebook: written by +Jason Tondro, and illustrated by James Shields and Stephanie McAlea. Personally, I think it's one of the best things I have ever published.

Ruins of Atlanta focuses in detail on the people who have chosen to live in the aftermath of the Fall of Paragon, when that hero single-handedly destroyed the city of Atlanta.

The ruins of Atlanta offer an unusual opportunity to combine superhero roleplay with the post-apocalypse genre. Many of the tropes of the post-apocalypse genre are present here: lawless gangs of scavengers, young idealists trying to build a better world, jaded cynics who will do anything to survive, power-hungry warlords, religious fanatics, high-tech enclaves, and even the occasional mutant.

Welcome to the ruins.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License.

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Have I mentioned that Bulletproof Blues is available in French? Bulletproof Blues is available in French. Not in PDF, yet, but hey, it's free.

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Bog-Standard Fantasy is done, at least for now. Maybe if I ever run a game with it, I will write an expansion or a bestiary or something.

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After many attempts, this is probably the cover layout we are using. I may or may not add a Kalos Comics logo to the bottom left corner.

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Not the completely different direction I was thinking of, because I stumbled across this 1990s-era font and decided to give it a try. Better? Worse?
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