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Not the completely different direction I was thinking of, because I stumbled across this 1990s-era font and decided to give it a try. Better? Worse?

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Yet another try. Magic + noir + retro. This is harder than it looks.

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Another attempt at a logo. Veering away from art deco toward a more fanciful, 1960s inspired look.

The EXTREME EARTH Campaign Setting for Bulletproof Blues is now 40% off as part of Fainting Goat Games' store-wide GM's Day Sale!

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Here is the cover for Rough Magic. It's a rough draft, subject to change, but for the moment, we are happy with it.

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Thanks to some great feedback here and elsewhere, I have finished the most recent revision of ZeroSpace (an open licensed science fiction/space fantasy).

The combat system was made approximately 50% simpler, and I think the
way skill rolls and combat rolls are explained is also much clearer.

A couple of new advantages were added, and Underwater Combat and Zero-G
combat are now advantages rather than areas of expertise.

The damage inflicted by fire and explosions were adjusted, and the way
their damage is resolved was made simpler.

Over all, I think this is a huge improvement.

I have not completed the revised character sheets yet, but here's a
quick conversion for existing characters:

* If your Prowess is higher than your Brawn, make your Brawn equal to
your Prowess, and then cross out your Prowess.

* If your Accuracy is higher than your Agility, make your Agility equal
to your Accuracy, and then cross out your Accuracy.

* If you have any exploding weapons, take a look at their equipment
entries and note the changes.

* If you regularly use any special maneuvers in combat, take a look at
their entries in the Action chapter and note the changes.

Thanks for the suggestions!

By the way, folks, we are gradually shutting down our Google+ presence (such as it is). If you'd like to stay abreast of what Kalos Comics is doing (or not doing, as the case may be), you are welcome to follow us on Facebook.

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Icons sourcebooks are pretty easy to adapt to Bulletproof Blues, and you get to support a worthwhile cause at the same time.
The Icons Bundle of Holding is now available!

This is not exactly how I wanted to announce this. When Allen Varney and I were finally able to set up a Bundle of Holding for Icons Superpowered Roleplaying, I thought that Pride Month was the perfect time for it, as I knew the charity I wanted it to…

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Greetings Comics Fans! DriveThruComics has an awesome sale on super powered digital comics and more going on for the rest of May. Save 25% on select comics and other exciting digital titles from Aspen Comics, McFarland Publishing, Top Cow, Valiant Comics, and more. You won't see Kalos Comics listed, because we make RPGs inspired by comics, not actual comics. It made sense at the time. :)
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