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Seoul MD via noir , for the coin stuff... #LotteWorldTower #IngressMissionDay

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Dear fellow Seoul agents,
Do you know the passphrase of this mission? T_T....
Please help. Any help will be great!

Hello there! Is this page still visited by locals or are you completely in Naver?

Is anyone playing these days?

Hi Guys, I´m visiting your Country in September anyone still active here?

Dear Ingress players,

You are invited to participate in the online survey about the augmented reality game Ingress and to help me in my PhD research. Link to the online survey:

Thank you so much!
Ana C. S.

Come here~!!!

"Ingress Korean Agent' Association"

Hi, will be coming over next week.
Any route recommendation for UPV?

Deathcoth L14 Resistance Singapore

여기에 구플 커뮤니티 활성화를 시켜야 하나??

Hi there :) I went to  5 portal at 신사동 가로수길 today! Nice to meet you all!
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