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This group will be closing down in one week mostly because it is inactive, I don't use Google+ and all these other social sites, and I want to concentrate more on more than anything.

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I joined this really loving dragon group on Goodreads and we are about to begin Dragon Spire, a community story. We're also going to discuss Dragons and Cicadas this month. Come and join us!

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Dragons and Cicadas was made free yesterday and today. If you are interested, pick it up and immerse yourself in a world full of talking owls, space dragons, alien insects and shapeshifting humans:

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I love the dragon in this.

Hey there everyone! Just letting people know I'm here, and if you want to get to know me, you can check with my profile. As with other communities, I hope to meet and be friends with many dragon-adoring people here.

Is there really a universal Dragon language? I totally have to learn it. I started to invent my own, but this might be easier

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I guess I'll start off the first post by posting a fan story I made fro Game of Thrones (the tv show. I can't read the books, novels aren't my thing. I skimmed the book). Here's what I think would happen if Daenerys Stormborn was black/African (no racism intended). It is told in poetry stanzas. This goes into the flash fiction category. #DaenerysTargaryen #Gameofthrones #blackgirls  

The suspense was chilling...
Ser Jackson fell to his knees, his eyes dawned upon the brown girl and her dragon
Black, Green and Gold lifeforms were cradled in the girl's arms
The Gold brother pulled at the speckled wing of his elder Green brother as the Green gently sucked comfort food from the girl's chest
The Black Wyvern surveyed him as it rested on her shoulder while the other two started competing for space, clinging tightly to their birthmother

"the girl has...hatched...a dragon." he said breathlessly as his heart thumped in his chest. Times were about to change, he knew this much was true, and he could feel the anticipation of war building in his chest.

The remains of the crowd from an Undynight-before had fallen to their knees, praising their new leader in their languages. The shy brown-skinned girl stood up and saw everyone praising her and her dragons, the long-awaited deliverance from the smoldering wasteland. Although dust clung to her skin andashes matted her coarse, afro hair, her unkempt appearance was not a matter of interest to her people. They saw deliverance in the girl.

The century-long absence of dragons was filled with the alien songs when the Wyvern screamed triumphantly, letting everyone know he's alive and ready to help his mother reclaim her land. The Green and the Gold pulled away and added their screams to the song. She is now Dovahkiin: DRAGONBORN.

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I'm here!  Now what do we do?
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