I am sorry to announce but the lore of adventure will be closing due to many personal things you see the more days and the more months it seems as this is only a dream, never to happen, so I am sorry to announce but I might just have to close it thank you adventures and I will see you later

HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH YOU THINK THAT I WILL CLOSE THIS?! no ADVENTURES I need YOUR help post your D&D adventures or any "medieval" adventure you do and I will see if I can put it in the game please add all character names, and choices you and your party made, on this adventure, and you might just go not only in the credits, in the game!!

her ye, her, ye all adventures and falloweres,

I have been working on the game a little bit, but with school, and after school activities, I have not been able to post, or anything, I will start and you WILL get a lot of info in December, I will tell all when I get my break and I will start to become a mad man

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