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Notes from Cluster meeting 12th October 2016

1. Clusters
We are the only remaining cluster. Staff do not have to remain as permanent members or attend every meeting - we can review regularly to ensure we are staying relevant and useful.

2. Review of last year
We looked through the notes of the last meeting and discussed:
DDSS comments from the End of Level Evaluation AB to share in Google community
Amending End of Level Evaluation to be more useful (eg identifying FT/PT and whether students have completed/progressed) - AB to feed into discussions with Programme Team
DDSS development at Staff Development Day in September -this was generally very well received. If staff have further ideas for Staff Development days, these can be discussed/fed back through this cluster. ALL
Have the USB sticks been used by students? AB to find out
SALT project on study skills - AW is involved in discussions with 301 and other services
Use of ELTC time - we are trialling a new approach and will see how this works in 2016/17, review again for 2017. It may be possible to look at buddying (as per model in School of Ed)
Epigeum - awaiting clarification from 301 about evaluation. Will be introduced via ALCS - optional. ALCS team to agree - AW/LS

3. 16/17 priorities
We discussed sharing of information about student feedback - do we need to do more here to help students? If so, how?
We discussed how students are encouraged to synthesise their feedback via Pebblepad in the ALCS module. Tutors can ask about this in tutorials. We need to make sure that all tutors have access to all MOLE sites - AB to follow up with admin team. AB will set up a brainstorming area in the google community so that we can share ideas as they occur to us. Another option might be for tutors to identify any broad issues after each batch of marking and then share with the SSW Team and/or in the Programme Meeting so that we can consider how to tesselate this with the support we can offer (eg Departmental workshops, online resources)

4. Employability
We need a SMART goal (or two) for this year. AB will set up a brainstorming area in the google community so that we can share ideas as they occur to us. We can revisit some of the work we have already starting about mapping the curricula and working with USE. AB to pull out the key messages from the L&T strategy and DLL strategy/action plan and share on Google community.

5. Next meeting - Wednesday 7th December 2016, 1.30-2.30pm, Meeting Room 3 EAH

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Employability in the TUOS Learning and Teaching Strategy 2016-21

Outward facing ethos

Preparing students for the world beyond the University through authentic learning which forges connections with communities and external partners.

education and work

We want to ensure we equip our students effectively for their chosen path, recognising that employability is an important dimension to our education, and that placement and work based or work orientated learning form a crucial part of this process. Our focus on graduate attributes has led to an expansion in skills development for enterprise, entrepreneurship and employability,
including developments both within and outside the curriculum. We have seen the development of a placements team, a programme of paid student work experience within the University, faculties and departments working to embed student engagement within their employability activities, often delivered in partnership with the Careers Service, and new degree-level
apprenticeships at our AMRC. Students are increasingly keen to undertake placements both within and outside their programme, so this area will need to grow. As the landscape of higher education provision changes we will also need to explore new partnerships, for instance working with employers in developing further pathways and modes of delivery.

DDSS feedback from the End of Level evaluation for Foundation students 2015/16

If you have accessed support from DDSS, please comment on the support you have received.

I have received a high standard of support.
Advise given to me by DDSS at the beginning of the academic year turned out to be false. I was informed if I failed my exams which were a high possibility regarding my disabilities, the department would consider doing it in another format. According to the department this isn't even possible and DDSS shouldn't have said this to me.
I received EnChroma colourblind glasses to support me in practical experiments, fieldwork and map reading
Great all round support from the DDSS, sadly it took a long time for 1-1 sessions to get arranged and they didn't feel as if it was encouraged to keep going back due to not offering the scheduel next one at current session.
The support has been easy to assess and has supported my learning. The staff are quick to reply to questions.
The DDSS department have been extremely helpful. I only became aware that I had a difference with my learning quite late in the course. The DDSS promptly put me in touch with a specialist tutor which helped me to start addressing my issues.
I was diagnosed with mild dyslexia, and I have been given an extra 25% time on exams. I think this is exactly what I needed.
Assessments, equipment, extra time for exams, and time out if needed with diabetes

If no, please share why you have not taken up this support.

Felt able to cope without.
don't consider myself to have a disability or dyslexia
It's probably just me being stubborn and wanting to deal with things by myself as I always have. I must make it clear that there has been plenty of information on dyslexia, and those I know who have taken advantage of it are very happy. It's just not for me.
not required
I didn't need it.
Because I think I am fine so far.
Not needed

Brainstorm - ways of encouraging students to synthesise their feedback, ways of sharing across the team so that we can support students effectively. Please add ideas below!

Brainstorm - Employability initiatives that we might take forward in 2016/17 for implementation from September 2017. Please add ideas below!

Items for our next meeting 18.01.17

1. Review notes from meeting 12.10.16
2. Employability project ideas (see brainstorm box on google community)
3. Study skills sharing (see brainstorm box on google community)
4. Anything else?
5. Arrangements while Alex is away.
6. Date of next meeting

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Items for our next meeting 12.10.16

1. Any outstanding items from last year? See notes of meeting 22.06.16
2. Cluster priorities for 2016/17
3. Employability - DDL priority. Identify one or two projects to be delivered from 2017/18?
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