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Name: Grant Flame'
Path of power ( What egyptian god do you draw power from ): Anubis
Items: Hickory Staff, Ivory Wand ( Normal equipment ) A japenese katana, food  gauntlet ( dispenser inside, it's meant for when I'm hungry. The food packs a punch ), Magic armor head band ( It can turn into a set of armor ), Flame resistance shield ( Tower style and Normal ) Duat dimensional storage for all of this except the food Gauntlet/Glove
Words of Power: Hah-ri, Hi-nehm, N-dah, W'peh, Tas, Heqat,Sa-per,Drowah, Sa-mir,Suh-far,Hu-Ai,Stahp, Shabti
Pets: I have a pet Griffin named Braveheart
Bio: The flame' family were magicians that no one else knew about until I made my appearance fighting a giant crocodile with the Path of Anubis's abilities
Weakness: My only weakness is the fact that I have asthma so I can still easily die of Exhaustion
Symbol ( empowers you, I decided to add it ): Bacon 

Path of Power
Words of power

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