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By joining the community you agree to abide by its rules and guidelines; know that they may change without notice. If you have questions, comments or concerns contact the owner or a moderator.

This post is the ONLY warning about the rules, so please read it; “I didn’t know the rules” is NOT a valid excuse. Multiple offenses will incur a BAN from the community –we don’t enjoy it but cannot allow disruptive behavior that degrades the community purpose and great experience we want for you all.

Start by being your own moderator, don’t take us for granted to fix problems you caused or break a rule with a “I know it’s not allowed but couldn’t help it, delete if you want”, assuming we’ll do just that: premeditation counts, too.

The community rules are:

NO spam
SPAM (noun): “Irrelevant/inappropriate Internet message(s) sent to a large number of recipients”.
> Note: the “Spam” section is NOT exempt from the rules.

Don’t post, link or refer to things not about Android; NO exception, no matter how interesting, important or well-meant: if we allow any, more will follow and eventually the community would be about anything but Android. Do NOT try passing off-topics with tricks like minor Android mentions or “it’s a sports article, but sent from my Android phone with an Android app to a site made by the creators of Android”; there’s a million things really about Android you can discuss here, and a ton of communities for that other topic, no need to jam it here.

NO ADVERTISING of external sources or business
Do not advertise, request followers or clicks (+1s, “likes”, etc.) to an external profile/page/collection/community you may belong to, video/chat channel, website by you or others, business, etc; if people wish to visit or follow they’ll do it without the prodding. Linking the source of your post is OK, promoting it wholesome isn’t.

NO nudity
Not even partial or as a screenshot/wallpaper.

NO racism, hate speech or harassment
The first two will quickly get you banned, as might personal attacks towards other members. Benign banter is OK –if you’re touchy, the Internet isn’t for you. Overt trolling is not allowed.

ABSOLUTELY NO chain-like posts requesting +1s, likes, (re)shares, etc.
We’ve all seen them going all around: posts asking for +1s or reshares for silly reasons, message chains, nested screenshots, etc. They are inane, annoying, spammy, and will get you instantly banned.

NO redundancy or “flood-posting”
Posts like give aways are allowed about once a day; scroll down if necessary or use the search to see if it’s been posted already. If you meant to repost to have your say, join the discussion in the existing one; reposting to highlight your opinion is just ego. As for different topics posted rapidly, there’s no hard rule but remember: everyone’s posts deserve attention, so don’t flood the feed with yours, try spacing them; and no, “I’ve only a few minutes to come and post” is no excuse: our time isn’t any less divided that we need to accommodate you.

No incomprehensible posts
It’s OK to not use English, but if it’s too obscure or can’t be translated we’ll have to remove it.

All excess/absurd polls will be deleted.

The owner and moderators have the final say in all matters
We aim to nurture the community keeping it fun, light, informative & spam-free, and for that we sometimes have to restrict things; we’re open to civil discussion of the good of the whole community, but refusing our rulings, much less attacking us, won’t benefit your case.

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Here is the link to Google's app that helps you publish Google Street View.

Hi to all local guides, I'm studying in 11th (Computer - Maths).
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