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The shanrazi are a legacy of the Great Netherwar, a constant reminder of how close mankind came to extinction. 

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"This isn't a relic you fool. We had to bust a factory for this. Wish we had this kind of spiritech before, and the people who helped us would still be alive.”— Progus Tarr, Ringbearer Alpha

Developed as summoning engine and often mistaken for a relic, an Auto-Summoner is a powerful piece of technology from the deepest core of the Consortium. Auto-Summoner technology was created for the massive synth factories you find in pretty much all of the former colonies, for large-scale summoning and brain-washing of spirits from the astral realms.

This article covers examples for the powerful summoning engines stolen from the Consortium and features a new illustration funded by our generous patrons!


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It's Subspecies Tuesday again! Enjoy this brief look at the ancient raé.

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Time for another subspecies article! This time, we'll have a brief look at the teeth-spitting kiruan!

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"Master Slingers. Heh. I have heard a lot of spacefarers yarn in the decades I spent in Sol, but I truly believe these that follow are actual children's tales. There is no substantial scientific information about any of these so-called ‘Elites,’ and I doubt the Protectorate and Consortium would let such powerful individuals roam the 'Belt freely. They let the Vagrants have Sol, but that doesn't mean they don't keep tabs on the guys threatening the balance of power. So yeah, they'd take care of anyone who'd display such abilities. Take this as a lesson, man: don't embrace every word you hear on the space lanes." — Sharuf, Dock Worker

This article is the playtest version of the Spellslinger Elite Paths supplement game material for your equinox game. It's designed to present your Spellslinger characters with more options for advancement and even greater power.

Check it out on Patreon!

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The fourth article in our series covering the subspecies of the Consortium features the most common subspecies: the humans.

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Additional Quickstart Material

We developed the Equinox Quickstart Set with the goal to get you playing fast and without much preparation. The rules presented in the set are tailored to the included Pink Mushrooms adventure and the group of sample characters.

There are bound to be questions, and we want to take this opportunity to give you some additional advice and examples we couldn’t fit into the book.

Featured in the Downloads section of the equinox homepage is a set of printer-friendly versions of the sample characters. Printing these on Letter-sized paper will leave enough room for your own notes. There’s also a cheat sheet for the gamemaster, summarizing the most important bits of information needed to run the adventure.

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Patient Zero Now Available!

"If you know absolutely everything there is to know about your enemy, at least he‘ll have to work extra hard to surprise you. He will surprise you, of course–that‘s what enemies do.
But I say, make him work for it."
— Kallinda Shierk, Chief Diplomat of the Entwined Serpents

We're happy to announce that the first Adventure Pack for equinox is now available in print and PDF from DriveThruRPG!

The Entwined Serpents has only one mission: discovering the source of a wasting sickness plaguing the Earth Belt. But what is it? A virus? A mystic drug? A biological weapon from ages past?

Patient Zero is an Adventure Pack set in the Equinox Universe, detailing the ship‘s mission to track down both victims of and a possible cure for a mysterious plague.

Click here for more information!

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All aboard the Vagrant Station!

The Vagrant Station playset, designed for Bully Pulpits' excellent game Fiasco, is now available on DriveThruRPG. The playset was designed as part of the equinox Bits & Pieces article series we're running on Patreon.

Click here for more information on the playset!

Check us out on Patreon!

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This is the third article in our series covering the subspecies of the Consortium.

Featured in this installment: The Hokai!
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