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It doesn't matter....Believe you CAN MAKE IT!!!!!

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I'm Sooooooooooooooo Glad!!! check out my life's testimony....

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Check it out....

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Clive Warren Album Launch & Mandeville Expo Festival...I will be there & so should u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mandeville Business Expo & Clive Warren Album Launch...Oct 21, Don't miss it!!!!!

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From Orphan to Minister… abandonment, rejection, and lack of affection are feelings Richard McKenzie felt growing up; he was abandoned by his mother as an infant, never knew his parents, and grew up in the Salvation Army and Hanbury Home for Children in Mandeville, Manchester - Jamaica. State Care was the closest thing to parenthood he experienced as a child, and as a result he felt unloved.

Insubordinate, stubborn and troublesome were characteristics of an adolescent McKenzie; a lonely rebellious child, raised without motherly affection. He carried the guilt of being an orphan and entertained hatred and resentment in his heart. He admittedly confessed to making a lot of continuous mistakes in his life “I kept making mistakes over and over, I just couldn't get it right, over and over I made the same mistakes”. 

Affection, care and kindness; as a young man he adapted to change. Things changed when he was older; in his late teens he experienced ‘motherly love’ after being welcomed in the home of his foster parents as an addition to their family. This change, proved the impact a mother’s love can do for a child. Richard McKenzie turned his life around; he became a ‘God-fearing’ Christian, and a scrutinizing gentleman, he was now concerned with the path he would take on this journey of life, he was scared of becoming the wrong person!   

Talents, passions and dreams, are what Mckenzie lives by as a man; he hopes to touch the world with the talents God deposited in him, thus far he has travelled extensively throughout the world, highlighting his ministry ‘R.A.M. Ministries’ in the capacity of ‘Minister of Religion’, ‘Prophet’, ‘Author’ and ‘Motivational Speaker’. His ministry focuses on his passion for young people; conducting street ministries and devotions at the orphanages, assisting the youths, in addition, to giving motivational speeches to encourage them and lead an exemplary life for them to follow. Recently added to his portfolio is ‘Gospel Recording Artiste/Anointed Worshiper’ going by the artiste/stage name R.A. Mckenzie.  McKenzie has released the album ‘New Face; Shining for His Glory!’ in late 2012 and received overwhelming response from supporters of the R.A.M. Ministries worldwide; the Lead Single ‘Let The Church Say Amen’ a popular remake has attracted over 2 million views on YouTube alone since the release. He is gearing up to showcase R.A. McKenzie the artiste, disposing of the added talent that he’s blessed with. He Dreams of extending his music ministry across the globe and seeing people being blessed; touching the lives of believers and impacting the unchurched. 

Success, achievements and regrets, an accomplished McKenzie expresses; regret not knowing his biological parents and regret not making the best of his childhood. On the other hand, he is proud of himself being an Orphan and gaining some success in life; - Author of 6 Books, produced 2 Gospel Albums, Travels extensively ministering and Pastoring his assembly ‘Kingdom Life Worship Centre’. He has achieved tremendously; working with youths and motivating them, leading a congregation, maintaining friendships, assisting people and being passionate about his mom, his ministry and the Lord.  

R.A. McKenzie has survived the hardships and sufferings of being a state care Orphan to becoming a Beloved Minister; his life has transformed from Orphan to Minister…    

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