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Job:i cant be working at this age lol
House:picture below
Looks:profile picture

Hey is there a template or sign up?

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Name: Ark
Last name: Shadow
Age: 24
Nicknames: Arleth Lexi or dreamer and sometimes people call me lunar
Interests: Animals and weird thing's
Hobby's: painting playing with her wolf practicing fighting and decorating and collecting jules
Crush: I ain't saying if I have one
Relationships: None at the time
Likes: The night fighting the moon And eclipses and lastly animals
Dislikes: girly things partys and sugar
Pets: I have a black wolf named heartisty
Friends: you'll see
Family: I have a sister and a father and one aunt and a sister in law cuase my father raised her when he parents died
Have weapons: Yes
If so what kind of weapon: Sword
Favorite thing: My diseased mothers necklace
Favorite hobby: Believe it or not painting
Favorite animals: Wolf fox snow leopard Tasmanian devil white fox dogs and cats and every animal! Except rabbits
First room is the dining room
Second room is the bedroom
Third room is the bathroom
Fourth room is the kitchen
Fifth room is the living room
I got a finger cramp.......crap
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YAY and.......
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