First profile, technically

Name~ Vivienne Lyrnwood
Stage name: Vivi
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Main team (Contest): Feefee (Milotic, beauty contests) Ziggy (Zigzagoon, cute contests) , Annie (Makuhita, Tough contests) , Sally (Salamence, cool contests) , Gengar (Smart contests)

Bio: Dreams of going to Hoenn, born, grew up and lives in Aquacorde Town. Goes to Sinnoh every few years to participate in the super contests.
Occupation: PokeContester

Okay, I decided to restart and have one character most like me. So I deleted Evalynn, and did this instead.

Name~ Sapphire Crystal Azura
Stage Name: Sapphire
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Main team: (Adventure) Serenity (Altaria) , Phyna (Gardevoir) , Gracia (Garchomp) , Ziggy (Linoone) , Swampy (Swampert) , Pippy (Empoleon)

Occupation: Pokemon Battler and Contester
Bio: Sapphire was born in Verdanturf Town and grew up there. When she was ten, she visited a cousin in Littleroot, where she recieved her first Pokemon, Swampy. Her parents told her to go on an adventure and help to complete the Pokedex which she also recieved. Now, she is one of the Champions of Hoenn region (but she mostly lets someone else do her work) and has gotten all the badges from Hoenn, Johto and Sinnoh, with  6 of Kalos'. 
She has stopped in Pokewood for a while, to relax.
She has the ability to understand Pokemon when they talk.

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Real name: Amber Eon
Stage name: Eon Trainer
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Team: Eevee(Diamond),Vaporeon(sapphire) ,Jolteon(topaz) ,Flareon(ruby) ,Espeon(amethyst) ,Umbreon(onyx ,Leafeon(Emerald) ,Glaceon(quartz) ,Sylveon(opal)
Occupation: Contest performer 
Likes:Her Pokemon ,preforming ,Having fun
Dislikes: Bullies
Bio:An eevee trainer (that’s why she can have all the eeveelutions with her at one time) she made close bonds with her Pokemon they are family for her.

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(profile 1)

Real name:Cynthia 
Stage name: pokemon girl 
 Team: Fennekin-eevee-fletchling-Celebi-vulpix and Glaceon
 Occupation: A Pokemon Contest performer
Likes: her pokemon,making friends and having fun
Dislikes: losing,bullying and some one mistreating there pokemon
Personality: sweet,kind,caring, trustworthy, and strong
 Bio: Cynthia if from the Kalo region she loves to doing contest with her pokemon. she want to be the best pokemon contest performer that she can be. her pokemon want to be the best they can bee too.
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(profile 2)

Name: Michael 
Stage name: Mick 
Age: 17
Team: chimchar-flareon-jolteon-vaporeon-mewtwo and ninetails 
Occupation:A Pokemon  Battle Master
Likes: training and hanging out with his pokemon 
Dislikes: losing, picking on people, stealing from others and pokemon 
Personality: sweet,kind,caring, out going and trust worthy 
Bio: Michael is from the Sinnoh region. she care for his pokemon and they care about him. his first pokemon is Chimchar and she can be hyper at times. he is hard to beat in a battle for his strongest pokemon is his mewtwo. he wants to be the best pokemon battle master there ever was.
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Real name: Shawn Frost
Stage name: Blizzard
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Team: Soul (shiny eevee) Aura (riolu
Other: Plays the guitar, drums, and the keyboard

Just finished a show, exhausted from singing continuously phew! What a show. picks up a small water bottle! sips water from it I hope I'm not going to get any fans visiting this time...
Someone calls
"Hey!! Ms. Mockingjay! Skylar! Skye! Wait up!!"
Sighs well, that what I get for not hiring any assistants! or bodyguards. Turns around to face....
((Open RP))

I'm making a Second profile-

Real Name: Ferrum
Stage Name: NIL
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Team: Metang, Magneton, Steelix, Ferrothorn
Occupation: Technician
About: Loves fiddling about with computers, checking out new softwares, hacking into websites and 'improving' them, etc. A complete Tech-wiz. Was born rich, so has no problem in buying the latest equipment. Currently, she's handling the Effects and digitalisation of Hollywood.
Is in need of an assistant but can't find one.

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Name: Roy Everheart
Stage name: Mercury
Appearance: 5'11, tanned skin, green eyes, dark brown messy hair and built like a lithe runner.
Occupation: Singer
Team: Sandslash, Houndoom, Luxaray, Flygon, Starmie, Hitmonlee
Personality: Super sarcastic and funny. Is extremely humble despite his fame. He's loyal to his Freinds and loves his team.
Bio: Before becoming a singer Roy used to work for a ring of thieves. Often using his singing talent as a distraction for his companions. Eventually Roy got fed up and left, only to be hit by the reality of the cruel world of pokewood. He was on the streets homeless barely surviving. He put his teams needs in front of his own making sure they had food, water, and a comfortable place to sleep. He often stole supplies from rich douchebags who flaunted their money around like it was nothing. One day he was caught, the man he stole from took an interest in him. When he asked Roy if he had any talent, he told him he could sing. And the rest is history. Roy now lives a pent house apartment in pokewood and is one of the best singers in the country. He specializes in songs in Spanish(due to his heritage) and pop songs. He often combines the two to make new ones. Sometimes he'll even use Japanese in a song. He chose the stage name mercury for the fact he was the god of thieves. Roy often takes his spare time to battle and train showing that he's no typical pokewood star. If he is ever jumped the criminal will be sorry.


Real Name: Skylar
Stage Name: The Mockingjay :3
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Team: Pidgeot, Skarmory, Murkrow, Sigyliph, Delibird, Drifloon
Occupation: Singer
About: Decided to call herself 'The Mockingjay' due to her marvellous voice and the fact that she's a Flying-type trainer. Pidgey was her first Pokemon. A sponsor heard her singing in a local competition once and loved her voice. Then... Here she is now. Can also play the drums well ^_^
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