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Alex(is) Parteni (my first South Park OC)

Gender: female

Age: 10 1/2

Hair color: Brown

Relationship status: single, although she has a tight relationship with Cartman.

Crush: Kyle

Likes: anime, pretty much all weird things, manga, BOOKS, science, music, memes, secretly likes singing, and drawing.

Dislikes: olives, weeaboos (they're a disgrace to the anime community), people who call her "Lexy", and her sisters

CANNOT STAND: Hentai, girly stuff, and Raina and her "goons"

Friends: Bethany, Catherine, Kyle, Stan, Kenny, Cartman, and Tweek

Description: Alex is a socially awkward geek with a weird personality. Whenever Alex makes the slightest of mistake, she would often be expected to realise why she is an outcast to the "perfect princesses." In third grade, she moved​ from Ohio to South Park, due to rude, annoying neighbors and a recent member of the family. When she turned 9, she realized she was worthless and clumsy, so she began thinking suicidal thoughts. She did eventually stop, but to this day she still thinks of cutting. Oddly enough, Cartman was dared to take Alex on a date, which showed off his "soft side." She then had the urge to kiss him, but that stopped when Alex's mom got in the way.She has a small crush on Kyle, because he's intelligent and kind. Raina, however, is her arch nemesis. Whenever Alex is caught drawing, Raina tends to call them trash, and say how better she is at drawing, and how she's pathetic compared to her. 
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