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I'm a good man: D

How do I get a code?
Easy..  Reshare +1 and coment.
Winners will be announced during the week: D

Why always gift codes?
Not everyone can buy applications. and it is something that I suffer daily. I like to help people go through the same

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Cards Stand! For Klwp price has been reduced to $1.00 grab it while it still hot!
Cards Stand! For Klwp

Get it here:

Make your home screen fully functional and beautiful with this material design theme for Klwp. Completely Immerse yourself in this highly detailed cards theme.

Apps you will need: 

*Klwp Maker Pro 
*Nova Launcher or other 3rd party launcher

Nova Launcher settings:
Most important, enable wallpaper scrolling
3 screen set up
Desktop 10/10
Disable Dock
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Introducing Touch, a phenomenal alternative Facebook app that consumes less and is faster!

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I present you, Inspired! For KLWP.

Grab it here:

Video here:

Important daily info presented in beautiful Material Design.

Here's what you need:

Nova Launcher or any other 3rd party launcher with customization support.
Month Calendar Widget

Launcher Setup:

2 screens
10/10 desktop grid
Enable Wallpaper Scrolling
Disable Dock
Disable Persistent Search Bar

Keep and Enjoy!

Thanks to +Arunkumar  for his Weather Graph Komponent:
Thanks to +Vukašin Anđelković  letting me use some of his Candycons icons:

And  Dribbble for the inspiration.
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Wow , apple music looks way better than Google play music. 

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My Homescreen for today..

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wallpaper from a random research on

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This is my series of Blurred wallpapers, Enjoy.

Credit to: (If I can find the guy that made the X logo), Google Maps
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Habit Tracker: Goals & To-do's
Google Play:

This app allows you to easily track common, repeatable tasks which you have to routinely perform.

Examples of such habits could be:
- Water plants (every 3 days)
- Feed pet (3 times a day, every day)
- De-clutter house (once a week)
- Take rubbish out (on select days of the week)
- Perform car maintenance (once a month)

Rather than fighting against you, "Habit Tracker" has been designed from the grounds up to be as flexible as possible.
You can customise many aspects of a habit, such as:
- Frequency (daily, every other day, on select days, weekly, monthly, every certain number of days)
- Number of times for each due date (ex. 3 times if you have to complete the task 3 times before each due date)
- Start date
- Accomplish date (or none)
- Reminders
- Notes

The app also has many other features, such as:
- Statistics on a per-habit basis and on a general level, such as number of completed habits, late habits etc.
- Widgets
- Different screens for easy management of your upcoming habits (today, tomorrow, next 30 days, all tasks, past tasks, month view)
- Dark mode, backup and restore (premium only)
- Amazing material design and many more features

I am also diligently working on this app everyday to introduce more features, such as:
- Cross device sync (coming in next major version)
- Sharing habits with other users
- More customisation (Ability to choose not only light/dark theme but also primary and accent colours, animations etc)

If you would like to check it out then please install it from google play:
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