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Anomaly season is upon us again! To get ready, chose your site for a night-time mini-anomaly! It's planned to be multiple measurement and multiple cluster, just like the old-school anomalies before flash shards. Since it's planned to be running late in the evening, many places are a no-go (like copper creek).
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DT Ames
Sculpture Park

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Thanks to everyone who came out to the NL-1331 visit!

July IFS is coming up on Saturday. Shouldn't interfere with fireworks for those of you staying in town. :)

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July planning

What would you like to do for July IFS?
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Multiple starbursting arund DSM
Night-time Mini-anomaly at Sculpture Park

We didn't have an IFS for June. Oh well, more will happen. \(^-^)/

Plenty of other events to look forward to!

June 22nd-NL1331

Join others at El Bait Shop from 7-9pm for a casual Xfac meetup with Niantic's Ethan. Paid swag went fast, but Ethan has responded that there will be some available for purchase on site. Please RSVP through the official link by "buying" a free ticket. Come grab something to eat and drink. Do the unique missions only found where the NL1331 events happen.

June 24th-GoRuck

"Operation Clear Field will combine a service-themed scavenger hunt with competitive Ingress gameplay at thousands of landmarks and parks nationwide.
All registration fees will be donated to the National Park Foundation, the official charitable partner of the National Park Service...All Ingress Players will receive the brand new Operation Clear Field badge, to display on their Agent Profiles."

Check it out and hope to see lots of you there.

Happy birthday +Ethan Lepouttre​ +November Lima​

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Thanks +Gabe​

This one should only give mild trauma.
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November Lima is coming to town.

We'll be talking with EBS soon. Check back in the near future once plans have been finalized!

**apparently no way to enable comments for agents not in the community. Not everyone wants to join, which is fine. Please feel free to ask a member to add a suggestion in the comments. +1's still show up for voting.**

For those who don't know, this is the Niantic van which travels around bringing xfac fun everywhere it stops. It's a traveling portal! Without giving away the date yet, it'll be a Thursday from 7-9pm. From now until Sunday after IFS, comment where you think would be best for the van to stop. +1 comments of places you'd like it to stop. More +1 means we'll focus on trying to have it there first. Feel free to ask questions in any of the local Xfac hangouts that exist.

Some deets to consider:
-Must be family-friendly (minors have to be allowed in)
-Portals are not the biggest concern (it IS a portal)
-It'll be a Thursday evening (also why it's only 2 hours)
-Last time it was at Legends by Copper Creekο»Ώ

June Planning

working to get a straight answer for the fairgrounds has pretty much canceled this idea

So we had an awesome suggestion we want to play with.

Mini anomaly at the fairgrounds!

It's going to start getting hot out, so the time will be later (probably as the sun goes down). Already spoken with the fairgrounds people, and June 3rd we'd be free to do our thing. Thinking on-site prefarm with a social after if there's interest. Thoughts?ο»Ώ

The spacing is going to allow for some tweaks to how the mini anomalies have been done in the past.ο»Ώ
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