Hello, I am new to stoicism, i am trying to get access to the material and fill out the online forms for stoic week 2016, is it no longer active? is there anywhere else i can find the material? Thankyou very much

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Here's an article I just wrote on the importance of not forgetting the "neutral" category of indifferents.

🔥What are some of your favourite quotes from Epictetus?

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🔥What are some of your favourite quotes from Marcus Aurelius?

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New graphic design for modernstoicism.com web banner, courtesy of Rocio de Torres. What do you think? 

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Please Share: Downloadable versions of the #Stoicweek handbook are now available, including Kindle (MOBI and AZW3), EPUB (other e-readers), PDF, and both French and German translations.

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“Begin at once to live, and count each separate day as a separate life.”
— Seneca, Letters

Does anyone have any thoughts on how Seneca would advise us to incorporate this advice into our daily lives today?

We all have mouths to feed and bills to pay — but so must the Romans he was looking to influence. If we can't just give up what we do for a living, what are the baby steps we need to take to "begin at once to live"? How would we make progress over time?

does anybody else find difficult to focus for the 18 minutes of the daily recording? any suggestions how to resolve the problem?
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