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(I am gonna sign up Mizuki too i totally just used a pic of aradia XD)

Name: Mizuki Anica Kusumoto
Gender: Female
Species: Troll / Demon
Height: 4;5
Wieght: 103 pounds
Weapons: Gun
Skills: She is quick and good at shooting
Abilites: Ice Magic
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As i trained i listened to Ash like snow by the brilliant green
Ash like snow:

The sky
Is dyed with crimson red
That comes out of the darkness
Of what needs to be said
The stars we used to know
No longer glow
Obscured by all the ash that falls like snow

I watched it all
Through the window of my grief
I never dreamed
That I would feel so cold
There...I come for you

All of my hopes are in a shroud of desolation
Dreams I that once had have all been crushed
Now that everything's changed, I have been holding on so desperately
To the precious things
That I cannot protect
'Cause I always break them...

My heart
Is played just like harp
By sinful hands of darkness
With nails oh so sharp
Your voice is like a drug
That makes me numb
It leaves me with no senses,
Deaf and dumb

No matter how we try to win this war
It never ends!
And why must it be me
Who does the fighting?

Even if all the light around us is extinguished
Even if the Earth is turned to dust
I won't ever forget
That tiny wish that burns eternally
It will guide us to a better world, somewhere

there I come for you yeah
Ash Like Snow
is falling down from your sky
Ash Like Snow
Ash like Snow
Ash like snow
Let me hear...
why I have to fight?

And now all of my hopes are in a shroud of desolation
Dreams I that once had have all been crushed
In exchange for the glory that can overcome the choking dark
I have given up the strength I used to protect what I love
(It's falling from your sky)
I don't know what to do...
(Baby I come for you)

Every time that I'm cut by broken shards of what was once a dream
I will reach into the darkness of my heart,
and I will try to find the strength to carry on!
'Cause I've made it this far...

It came from somewhere beyond the farthest reaches of the world that we know, like a creature of shadow
It came to mock us, for we are so naive that we can't comprehend it,
And truly, we are fragile and small
I cannot hold onto the truth
As it slips right through my fingers like a picture that is made of smoke
I don't know how I will last, because my body is so weak that I may crumble away

Uninstall, uninstall
I was told that I am just a single speck of dust
And cannot be more
But I do not understand or grasp the true meaning
Uninstall, uninstall
I no longer have a choice but to pretend
I am brave
For a soldier has to be brave

Our unseen thoughts have been growing ever sharper, unbeknownst to us, deep within the subconscious
But an incling of what has been occuring is revealed to me as
I hear the restless monsters when I sleep
Now my heart is empty and numb
Save for an unrelenting impulse to destroy all things that I can see
It is born from all of the pain, for I have lost the will to choose the day I'll crumble away

Uninstall, uninstall
If there's noone who can take this burden in my place
Then there's no choice
But to take my simple life and
Uninstall, uninstall
And it makes me want to end it all with my own hands
Is it wrong?
Surely it's alright to want to uninstall.

Uninstall, uninstall
I was told that I am just a single speck of dust
And cannot be more
But I do not understand or grasp the true meaning
Uninstall, uninstall
I no longer have a choice but to pretend
I am brave
For a soldier has to be brave
((An actual song. Not mine!!))

stand in the middle of demons and hold in my right hand Raitoshunaidā, blood drip down the blade You are far too weak... cut down the next demon

"In these bloody waters, no ship is safe."

Name: Grace Tempest

Gender: Female

Species: Dhampir

Age: Fourteen

Rank: Private

Strengths: Her brother, Conner Tempest, both night and day, can go out into the sunlight, does not need blood, can see and visit others through visions

Weaknesses: Family dieing, her and Conner's real father, Sidorio

Likes: Lorcan Furey, her brother, Conner Tempest, peace, the original Vampirates, the nocturnals, and their captain

Dislikes: Her and Conner's father, Sidorio, Conner putting himself in danger, the new Vampirates, war

Appearance: long blonde/brown hair and emerald green eyes, wears a silver locket her brother, Conner, her

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Name: Night

Age: 15

Gender: male

Species: Human

Rank: private

2 Katana:
It's a indestructible katana with no other abilitys.
It has the ability to to cut through everything.

Skills: two sword style

Its my trump and i dont use it often.
Its an Esper ability called "Accelerator".
This ability can be efgective in defense and offense.
It creats a barrier wich can protect me. (Fast objects, fire, etc.). I can reflect any object wich came in contact with my barrier.
But it cant protect me from everything!
Any vectors that are comeing toward my barrier but pulls away at exact moment before hitting my barrier my barrier will mistakenly reverse the vector and it will come towards me.
-earthquake generation:
I make a little explosion in the ground and earth and rocks will flying toward my opponent. I can also use it to propel myself toward.
-tactile telekinesis:
By touching an object i can change the magnitude of vectors. I can turn the objects into projectiles.
I can re-vector the surrounding winds and force them to congreate at a single point create an extremly high velocity wind.
-plasma generation:
By compressing wind at high speed to a single point i can create plasma.
By controlling the wind around me i create 4 high powered tornados behind me to allow me to fly.
-blood control:
I can heal my wounds completly in a few days.

Likes: fighting and the night

Dislikes: peace and loud sounds

Strength: my ability, no fear and physical extremly strong

Weakness: loud sounds and electricity

Bio: I trained my sword skills since i was 5 and love it. Since I was 10 i travelled around the world and fought everyone who was strong.

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Name - Says Kisagari
Age - 20
Specie - Human Elder Bairn (hybrid)
Gender - Female
Hair - Black
Eyes - Black, Red (when hostile)
Weapons - Katanga
Appearance - Saya is shown as a beautiful young teenager with gray eyes that are sometimes red, long nails, and black oval shaped glasses. She has long black hair that is usually kept in one or two red ribbons at the back of her head. She usually wears either her shrine maiden outfit or high school uniform.
Personality - She is initially portrayed as a kind, clumsy and helpful person, acting very cheerful and singing songs in the morning. It is revealed at the end of the series that her true self is much more serious and not at all like how she was shown at first. Fumito Nanahara states that she does not care for humans, and wishes to be able to drink their blood, but is unable to due to a contract made with an unknown person.
After the series her personality somehow changed. She was now portrayed as a cold and serious person, often causing troubles to the city.
Bio - Saya Kisaragi is the daughter of the priest at the local shrine, whose duty it is to slay the Elder Bairns, creatures who drink the blood of humans. It is what her mother did before she died, and now Saya is the only one who can slay them. By day she seems to live a normal life of a high school girl, though Saya does seem to be rather clumsy, and completely oblivious to many remarks that are made around her, especially concerning boys that seem to like her. Since neither she nor her father are capable cooks, she eats breakfast every morning at Guimauve, the cafe next to the shrine.

The owner, Fumito Nanahara gives her a sweet called Guimauve, named after the cafe, as well as preparing her lunch. When she fights, her abilities are human or slightly above normal human abilities, until her eyes glow red. She then seems to become more serious, and much stronger and faster. Her father, Tadayoshi Kisaragi, provides her with a sword with which she fights. As the series progresses, Elder Bairn attacks become more frequent, even occurring during the day and at the school which Saya attends. As more and more people die or go missing, Saya begins to have strange visions and flashbacks, along with headaches that occur when she tries to remember certain things.

A small cute dog appears, who states (Yes, he talks. It is hinted that he is Kimihiro Watanuki) that he is trying to grant her wish. Saya made a promise to protect everyone, but cannot remember to whom she promised. She realizes she cannot remember her mother's name or appearance. This, and some other things, he tries to get her to realize, but she is still unable to remember anything. Tired of waiting for Saya to remember, Kanako Tsutsutori (along with Nene Motoe, Nono Motoe, and Shinichirou Tokizane) try to force Saya to remember by having her drink the blood of an Elder Bairn. Tsutsutori, however, overdoes it, and Saya becomes inebriated. They tell Saya that they are all "cast members" who were hired to play many roles, in which she is the "lead star".

Several characters who were previously thought to be dead are shown to be alive, namely Tokizane, Nono, and Nene. They are confronted by Yuuka Amino and Itsuki Tomofusa, who question why they tried to ruin the project. Fumito Nanahara joins them, and it is revealed that he is the one who arranged for Saya to be brought there. He has been controlling the Elder Bairns by using Saya's blood, and has a Cerberus bairn kill Tokizane, Nono, and Nene for trying to make Saya remember. Saya remembers drinking the blood of the Elder Bairns that she defeated. Every time, Fumito would make Saya forget again. Kanako runs to Tadayoshi, who embraces her before killing her and drinking her blood. Tadayoshi is half human, half Elder Bairn. Saya begins to remember her past self, and of the terms to the wager which she and Fumito had agreed; By erasing Saya's memories and planting fake ones, would she change? Or would she revert to her old, murderous self?

Saya cannot kill humans, and agreed to protect them, but it is not revealed with whom she made this contract, or who made the stipulation that she couldn't harm humans. Saya said she wouldn't change, but Fumito said he would arrange it so she could attack humans if she won the wager. He does not say what he gets if he won the wager. Saya defeats Tadayoshi, crying as he dies and calling him "Father". As Saya chases after Fumito, he leaves a strange bunny Elder Bairn, which Saya slices in half. It multiplies and slaughters the town full of people, many whom are screaming that it was not part of the contract. While still running after Fumito, Saya kills the original, and the rest of the strange bunny bairns die.

Fumito begins to fly away in a helicopter, and Saya jumps high enough to finally kill him, but he shoots her in the head, apparently blowing half her head off. As she falls into the ocean below, Fumito comments, very calmly, that the ingredient in Guimauve was the blood of the Elder Bairns, and he had been told that it tasted like human organs. He wonders if she ever will be able to kill humans, as she could have the real thing then.

As the helicopter flies away, Saya remains floating in the lake. She is still alive, and rests on shore waiting for her wounds to heal. After what seems to be a day or two, Saya rips off part of her school uniform skirt and bandages her still bleeding left eye. The dog remarks that, before Saya was captured, she made a wish: "I want to stay myself". He says he has fulfilled this wish of hers, but it is time for her to reach for the next wish.

As the credits begin rolling, her sword breaks in half. She throws it away, and starts running away from the area, presumably to search for Fumito.
Blood-C: The Last DarkEdit

Six months after the incident at Ukishima Province, Saya arrives in Tokyo by train. Aboard this train, an Elder Bairns, later revealed to be the father of Mana Hiiragi, attacks. After viciously attacking him, the creature flees after taking Mana Hiiragi hostage. Saya pursues him through the streets of the city before killing him by plunging a katana through his head, shattering her own blade in the process. As members of Fumito's secret police arrive, Saya flees with the members of SIRRUT, ultimately ending in their headquarters.

There, she meets Kuroto Mogari, benefactor to the organization. He expressed the desire for revenge against Fumito and wished for Saya's help with carrying out this plan. Leaving SIRRUT headquarters with Mana following in pursuit, Saya ends up at a shop where she is greeted by Watanuki. He revealed that he was able to communicate with her in Ukishima through the dog to help guide the return of her memories. Leaving the shop with a new katana to replace the one she had shattered in her previous fight, Saya speaks again with Kuroto, who reveals that he and Fumito are cousins. The Mogari and Narahara families were responsible for maintaining the pact between the Elder Bairns and humans, but Fumito broke that pact and killed both of their families for his own personal ambitions.

Through the information acquired by Hiro Tsukiyama, Saya attends a ceremony at Tsuji Private School, where Fumito was scheduled to give a speech in hopes of assassinating the latter. It was revealed to be a trap, as the Fumito attending the event was an illusion designed to lure Saya to the event. An Elder Bairns attacks, and despite being defeated, it had served its purpose to injure and collect her blood.

After the event, Mana resumed her previous skill at computer hacking, revealing Tower's headquarters in a landfill. Infiltrating the facility, Saya battled through Fumito's guards to reach the basement of the compound. There, she encounters Fumito himself before succumbing a drug that she had unknowingly ingested from the coffee at SIRRUT. Kuroto arrives and reveals that he and Fumito had been working together this whole time, using SIRRUT to lure Saya to Tower headquarters. Fumito reveals that Saya's blood is able to break the pact between the Elder Bairns and humans, causing them to run rampant. After stating that everything he had done was for his personal obssession with her, Kuroto angrily stabs him with a katana. In response, Fumito shatters a vial of Saya's blood in Kuroto's eye, causing him to transform into a pod-like Elder Bairns. As she recovers from the effects of the paralysis drug, Fumito merges with the pod, transforming into a collosal Elder Bairns.

Saya battles with the giant, killing it to come face to face with Fumito. Saya hesitates for a while as he takes her katana and stabs it into his own chest, revealing that he had a long ago tried to turn himself into an Elder Bairns, so he could reach her who made a pact with humans. Fumito, however, failed, and realizing her desire to have her own curse broken was also not fulfilled, he accepts he lost their bet. Her winning prize could not be reached as he promissed, so he kissed Saya, revealing how he tried and really cared about her race and curse, just before fading away. Saya then laments that, after all, Fumito left her all alone again. Afterwards, it is revealed that she never returned to SIRRUT, with the ending scene a glimpse of her walking through the streets of Tokyo by herself, and Mana wishing that they may meet again.

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Name: Yukari Familiar Takizawa

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Specie: Takizawa Demon Vampire

Rank: Private

Height: 6'3

Weight: 97 lb ((She doesn't really weigh very much))

Weapons: Magic, guns, swords, enchantments, gate keys, spirits, etc ((you'll find out more))

Skills: Amazing at calculating stuff, is perfect at everything she does and can do ((You'll find out more))

Ability: Able to use all magic and very skilled in everything she does, Weapon Specialist, enchanter, Swordsman, can call spirits with gate keys or enchantments, etc ((you'll find out more))

Bio: Yukari is a very sweet and kind person, but when she on a mission she is a very dangerous person and can turn into a dark hearted person quickly. Although she is perfect she wasn't like that her entire life, her past is filled with things that she wish never happened but has turned her into what she is now. She is Princess Sunseto of the Red Skies Demon Empire but can not rule over the Red Skies till she is crowned queen when she is married. She is apart of the Anbu Reapers, in the Anbu Reapers she is a member of a guild known as Black Dragons. She is also the very last Takizawa Demon Vampire in all of worlds for they had been extinct for several of thousands of years. She now has a boyfriend, named Daisuke Mizuki Nakizawa, a Prince of the Starlight Skies, a Realm very close to Yukari's Realm. ((Demon Vampires have Silver hair, Blood red eyes, and Angel wings.)) 

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Name: Akane Himura

Age: 4,59591

Gender: Female

Specie: Demon

Rank: Private

Height: 5'7

Weight: 106lb

Weapons: pistol, dual swords, magic

Skills: drives, perfect shot

Ability: enerkinesis - she can control magic energy

Bio: she was brought up in hell to kill. It was literally what she was born to do. She killed all her life thinking it was right. One day she was trapped and sold in a slave market. The person who bought her had countless other slaves whom he beat and tortured along with her. That's when she realised that it was pointless to kill innocent people. She still kills, but only people who she thinks deserve it.

Favourite song: after the storm 
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Name: Cynthia Wildfox

Age: 14

Specie: Mage, Vampire and Demon (When use my full power)

Level 1: Water Mage and vampire
Can neutralize electricity,sound and fire with her water and being a vampire, speed is 50 times fast than a normal human. i can use the Sacred Sword of Water Kingdom and the crystal on the sword is blue.

Level 2: Demon Mage
The sword transforms into a Demon sword and the crystal on the sword turns red. Being a demon i transforms water into blood that can turn into very sharp blades that can break a thick concrete wall easily.

Level 3: Turns into a Demon known as 'The Angel of Death'
At this stage my eyes turns blood red. The sword transforms into a Demon scythe. Here i lose my humanity and becomes a total psychopath and i have no feelings and can kill anyone in my way only the vampire king who is my father can tame me.   
Strength: I wear a stone around my neck which is known as the 'Stone of blood' This stone controls my magic, body and temper sometimes it protects me by deflecting ones magic. Consumed over 200 souls recently.
Weakness: My brother +jojo the angel and my family

Likes: Listening to music, Reading books and fighting

Dislikes: Rude people and insects

Bio: My dad is a Vampire King who has demon powers and my mother is the Water Queen. I left home at the age of 12 and discovered that i have a cousin brother +jojo the angel who was separated because of a war. I found happiness in hurting others and joined the Vektors. 

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Name: Melisa
Age: 14- for sake of the war she pretends to be 17.
Gender: Female
Species: Dream Demon
Rank: Private
Height: 169cm
Weight: -don't know
Weapons: Summer Ice Sword. Guns. Dream manipulation. Poppies.
Skills: flight.
Abilities: Dream manipulation. Can Host other demons such as Adora, Luciana and Sofia.
Bio: There isn't much, but Melisa was once half fairy though was later forced to choose between two sides ending as a demon. Despite being on the Vekter side she does have feelings for one person. 
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