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Welcome to the YouTube video(S) tab, make sure you have:’
1. Good screen resolution at least 720p or up
2. Good microphone quality
3. (Optional) Have a camera at least 1080p
4. No more background noice
5. No explicit words (but the same rules as the other post)

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What video ideas should u be in ?
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More map showcase videos
I don’t care

Hello guys! It’s me Jonathan and the username is bPANASLAPd, And welcome to the MCPE Video community. It’s all about posting videos to the group but discussion and talking about it in post instead of the video is allowed so here is all the rules.
1. No asking for free codes any for iOS, Android, Windows and also XBOX and PlayStation devices.
2. No yelling and disrespectful to someone
3. No explicit words in any of your videos and post especially your comments in someone else post(s)
4. No promoting business, groups, and etc.
And the exact rules as the exact MCPE Video Grou.
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