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Does anyone know why some of the images on Arcade Punks don't fit on 64Gb SD cards?

I've downloaded two 64Gb images and when i write them to image using Win32 disk imager i get a too big for card warning. I've proceeded with the write and both images have failed to boot. My cards a geniune Sandisk 64Gb card.

Ended up installing 32Gb images instead and expanding the filesystem which works but the obvious downside is the loss of 32Gbs worth of roms/data.

So weird problem: booted up my retro pie to play some games, and the Bluetooth controller is not working within any ROMs.... Suggestions?

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So I've been using retro pie for a while. I just turned on my Raspberry Pi 3 today, and my ROMs were cross referencing and not working the way they had been (i.e. the wrong games we're loading).

Any suggestions?

Hey everyone. First time posting in here. I'm having trouble getting my Retropi to recognize my ROMs. Is there a certain file type that they need to be loaded in?they are all .exe files ATM.

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So psx was amazing but then updated my pi to the 4.4 with a brand new fresh install. I tried every thing renaming the bios, and updating the emulator both by source and binary. Help im stuck.

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Still can't get mame or dreamcast running smoothly any help would be appreciated thanks
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