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Name: Icarus
Gender: Male
Age: 1 year 7 months
Rank: Rookie hunter
Appearance: Quite tall/long (Don't know how to say it), white fur with a light grey underbelly from his chin to the tip of his tail, green eyes, fluffy/poofed out tail.
Personality: A bit of a goofball, can be serious, sometimes very quiet.

Zelli the Curious
3 months...?
Pale grey with darker face, back, and tail. Dark toes and orange eyes.
Personality: A curious, bright little pup, Zelli is a fast learner, but is easily distracted by the littlest things: the way sunlight passes through leafy trees, the ripples in a puddle, colorful butterflies and more.

Name- Nali the Brave
Gender- Female
Age- 63 (Wolf years) 9 (Human years)
Rank- Patroller
Appearance- Very large for a she-wolf, with a gray and silvery dappled coat, with with slightly ragged patches and a white patch on her forehead. 
Personality- doesn't actually belong to the families in the pack, but was accepted into the pack without much question. she constantly tries to thank the rest of the pack by doing more than she is required to do, and often ends up very tired at the end of the day as a result. she is sociable and friendly, and tries to stay out of the way.
Likes- winter, sleeping, protecting others, keeping the pack safe
Dislikes- close-minded people, people who remind her she's not a member of the family

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personality:nice short anger and outgoing
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