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I can't use nice player. stuck in loading
Motorola RAZR 4.4.2 Pacman ROM

interesting nexus 5 bug... when I get multiple notifications in short order, it seems to crash the player. I didn't see this on my S3 with 4.1.2 or 4.3, but it definitely is happening on my nexus 5 with KitKat... so either it is a nexus bug or a 4.4 bug, don't know

Beta 0.38 is online:

- a few bugs fix;
- I is now faster that light!

beta 0.35 is online: fixing bugs in artist & cover download

Next release: AirPlay support

Please guys, don't forget to rate niceplayer on the market, so it's can be more visible!

The beta 34 seem to work well! no FC report since that version!

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UI problems persist in beta 36. This was made by having the preferences at startup as "always ecpand card." Happy to help. :)

So, we are more that 180 in this community, but only a few people are talking...

Don't be shy, I will be more than happy to hear your opinion, your problem and your feedback on NicePlayer, and I don't bite ;) !

Beta 34 is now online:
- fixing 2 new FC;
- fixing Floating controls settings problems;
- fixing car opening/closing glitch
- fixing lockscreen controls issues

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UI problems. :( Not sure what causes them but hapoens sometimes when I expand the cards. 
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