Hi My name is Ann Hyland. Thank you for providing this resource SMD. Peace be with you. :)

Recovering from a computer crash. Rebuilding my contacts and files. Large databases of 5,000 to 15,000 contacts from my businesses and multiple industries (health, fitness, art, graphic design, teaching, coaching). Any recommendations on ***BEST resources, applications, programs, prices, tips for #managing #large #contact #databases and #graphics files (extremely appreciated). I am #Apple primary and #PC secondary. Best resources for 6T or 12T server drives or go iCloud option for files? Last #website #creation was CMS Simple in 2008, looking to redesign my own websites. Suggestions? WIX or other options? Very interesting in learning about creating #landing #pages and #calendar #driven #technology to get direct phone appointments.. Ease of use. Have a lovely summer and praise God for another glorious day!

I am starting to turn this profile into a #projectbased profile. The reason for this is because I need to showcase to employers on #trainingprojects that I am doing on my own to build up my skills. This is in no relation to my current position with my employer as I am seeking full time elsewhere wanting to #careerchange to dealing with business client relationships or something closely related to that.

I am basically gaining knowledge by learning and doing so I can have some leverage in my interviews. I do not work in marketing dealing with social media, I do help desk and call center where I work. So, like I said, I am career changing and not sure if social media would be one aspect to go into.

So, I am trying to write my social media bio on G+. My question is since this is a #projectbased profile, how do I explain it to those who will be viewing my profile? I am not offering any professional services; if I see a discussion on something, I may offer my opinion and that's about it since I have no work experience behind it.

Did I dream this? I thought I saw a you tube video on google+ the other day which seemed to have clickable social share buttons overlaid on it. I can't find it now. Is this possible or did I imagine it?

I just created a new Google+ collection and noticed there is a space for a tagline to describe it. Is this new? I can't recall seeing it before, but do recall thinking it's a bit odd there wasn't a space for a description? I went back and checked my older ones and the edit facility does allow you to add them there to. Did I just miss it before?

Do Google +1's count for anything in terms of blogger blog posts SEO?
I've got blog posts which my blogger account says have total +1's in the hundreds. I'm just wondering if this is taken into account in google searches?

Is it me or has the reach of paid Facebook post boosts fallen of a cliff? Has anyone else noticed the reach of the ~$5 boosts dropping from 1000s to 100s?

I've noted three things lately
The hashtag at the top right of google+ posts have disappeared,
ripples are gone,
but now all shares, even from shares of shares, appear to appear on the original post. Is this right? Did I miss some announcements? Have I missed anything else about google+ post changes?

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Curious if any of you suggest a minimal age for social media. Here we are adults teaching adults how to use social media... what about our kids? Open to thoughts! http://www.nytimes.com/2015/02/19/style/letting-your-kids-play-in-the-social-media-sandbox.html?_r=0

Hey whats going on with youtube?
Today I found as did others that 
"Tried to watch the video on my Android mobile and the page displays a "This plugin is not supported" message."

Now I assume that youtube videos are still supported, but  the videos in question had a single youtube annotation on them requiring flash. Are youtube annotations now causing this issue? They used to just not display!

What Social Media Tools allow scheduling/publishing of Facebook Video?

Since everybody seems to agree that 2015 will be the year of Facebook Video, it will be important for brands to schedule & auto-publish native FB Video (no YouTube-Links etc.). Neither Hootsuite nor Buffer seem to support video - do you know of any tool that does?
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