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Hmmm........#Facebook and our online presence after our death - not sure about this. Any thoughts? 

Who deals with our online brand after we pass away? Its a good question I have never thought of. 

How do I move fans from one Facebook site to another?

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Does your business need 2 Google + pages?

One for local and one for national Knowledge graph and branding purposes. Companies including +Moz have 2 pages, and have a different knowledge graph that pulls based on wether the SERP is local in Seattle or National.

cc: +Patrick Coombe +Antonino Bologna Bologna +Mark Traphagen

Hello Everyone  , I just wanted to Introduce myself. I am a Social Selling Trainer and I Show Clients How To Grow Their Business Profits Through +LinkedIn  and Social Selling using Webinars, Live Trainings, Coaching & Social Media Marketing Tactics. I am here because I am falling in love with Google + , I would appreciate any tips , suggestions, recommendations to help me stay in love with this fantastic tool. And how I can use G+ for Social Selling. If i can be of any assistant to anyone with Linkedin please do not hesitate to ask.  : )

Hi all! I wanted to ask if anyone's had any special success using LinkedIn Company Pages for small businesses, and if so, what techniques you used. Thanks!

What would be your ... choice?
Recently, i got caught up a lot with work and I ended up working my a$$ off just to get more time into social.

Then it struck me real hard. I was focusing on too many platforms and I should focus on specific ones.

The biggest question now would be >> How many social media platforms do you engage in a day?
I am thinking 2 major ones and 1 minor one.

Tell me what you think!

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Are they Really?

I'm not buying it. What do you think though? Is Facebook really trying to kill clickbait or are they trying to surface revenue generating posts?

Facebook is Trying to Kill Clickbait

Sounds like a noble thing right? But is it? According to the author of this article on +The Verge, Facebook's goal is to "[foster] a good user experience while cutting down on spam."

This article would make it seem like Facebook want to surface better content that users do want to click on that will keep them away from the newsfeed longer. I'm not buying it though.

Read for yourself here:

Do you think this is an attempt to actually hide clickbait or is it just going to surface more of the content that Facebook (and it's investors) want you to see that will keep you on there longer?

#facebook #socialmedia #tf

Just a quick moment to say thanks to +Andrij Harasewych for your constructive criticism on a recent post... I made some changes and was amazed to see 12 new leads come in today for my client.  Thanks again for taking the time to impart your perspective.  While I didn't agree with everything, just making a couple tweaks really helped... thanks.

I'm just interested in knowing...

How many of us in this group just do social media (ie work for a company that manages social media) VS doing social media as part of another job?

Does your company have a CMO?
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