I teach social media marketing at +Triton College and I'm looking for new ways to introduce the subject. Does anyone have ideas for exercises/assignments for teaching business owners how to use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.? All ideas welcomed.

I have a question about pinterest which I have been looking in to.
Is vidstopin bona fide and can I therefore pin videos to my board using it? I am asking because I just came across all my own videos when googling myself by accident (what I found was a link to a vidstopin user/bluedogscientific page - is it auto generated? - it is a surprise to me!)

What's your strategy for building a following for a Google+ Brand page from the ground up?

First off, the tl;dr is in the title, so feel free to skip the novel below, and jump in with your answer to the above.

Novel Ahoy:

All of us here are, of course, advocates of the importance of Google+ for businesses. I've been preaching that for quite a while, and I've been happy enough with the presence I've built for Zbra (which isn't anywhere as large as many of the power users or web brands on here - it's still incredibly tiny, in fact - but there's a steady enough stream of quality engagement that it has more than proven its return on time investment, in my eyes).

That said, I'm finding that building a brand new presence, for a brand new brand (how many more times can I say that word?) on Google+, presents a bit of a challenge. Having a page and doing the technical footwork is important, and that's all in place, but consistently posting content to the page when there's no follower base probably doesn't do much good.

This isn't Facebook, so I can't target the brand's demographic and throw money at it for followers (not directly through Google+, at least, and the ad budget is currently focused elsewhere anyway).

This leaves a few options, as I see it:

1) Identify several Google+ communities within the brand's demographic, and get active there, hope the followers come naturally
2) Cross-pollinate between other social networks, where we've established more of a following
3) ???
4) Profit

The issue with the communities approach, I'm finding, is that the amount of high quality communities on Google+, with actual engagement, like the +Social Media Hangout family, are few and far between. While that might present a tempting opportunity to then create a community in that vacuum, with the brand's name emblazoned as owner, I'd argue that building a successful community from the ground up is just as difficult as the initial goal (if not harder). Likewise, HOAs are great, but they're not going to work for this brand.

As for the cross-pollination, I'm not sure how successful that will be, as the following on the other platforms isn't as high quality as I'd like (like I said, we're starting from the ground up, and so is the brand).


What's your strategy for building a following for a Google+ Brand page from the ground up?

Any professional and/or creative insights that have worked for you, in approaching this, would be greatly appreciated!

I was unaware until recently that it's possible to embed  "call to action" buttons in Facebook Page status updates --  choices include "Shop Now," "Learn More" etc. I'm interested to know if anyone has had success with these (and whether you sponsored the post, and how big your Page is). Does it seem to affect organic reach?

Pinterest Hired the Guy Behind Axe's Sexist Campaigns
Good Idea or Bad Idea?

This was the big question at the end of my latest Social Media Headlines post (http://dustn.ws/1nEemT0). 

We all know that +Pinterest has done a great job at attracting a female user base and has been growing it's male user base slowly over the last couple years. This move seems to imply that they're going to amp up their efforts to reach more males for the platform, but is it going to cost them in the eyes of their female users?

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I wanted to Follow Up on the post below from +Kristen Kramer because I'm wondering how that discussion went and what is being used now... (Hootsuite really does need to just add an app that does this).

Is there something that offers unlimited contests (that collect data for leads) for unlimited pages at a reasonable price?

Otherwise, I am thinking of what +Andrij Harasewych suggested, and trying Woobox...

However, I am cringing at needing to pay $29/Month for EACH page.

Maybe a compromise would be running 1 promotion/month and then mixing in some some timeline contests to keep engagement high?

I really don't think the Facebook Timeline Contests are useful for leads, though I agree there should be a mix just to keep the page engagement high.

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Update to G+ notifications!
Google+ now aggregating multiple +1's in desktop notifications

This change literally hit my notifications just minutes ago. Now if a user has plussed several of my posts within a short period of time, instead of displaying a string of individual notifications in the Mr Jingles dropdown, G+ now aggregates those into one notification.

Clicking the notification expands it to show all the posts that were plussed by the user.

This is apparently the solution to a complaint voiced by many of us with larger followings, that our notifications were cluttered with too many +1 notifications.

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I currently use Pagemodo for Like Gates on client pages, but I'm curious...
Is there a free app out there that can be used in a similar fashion?

I really don't want to upgrade to the agency account ($$$$).  Thanks in advance for your guidance!  Would love to hear how you  handle this with your clients.

+Andrij Harasewych I hope I have this in the correct category :)

I posted in the wrong community I suppose. Please see my original post below:

Hey guys - Is there a list somewhere of apps that can help manage Instagram and Pinterest  on mobile phones? I'm creating a social media procedure for my company and would like to have the employees download a 3rd party app to connect to the Instagram/Pinterest business accounts. I know most people are logged onto their personal account on the official Instagram and Pinterest apps. It's also a pain to log out of those then log into the business one then back again when you're done. A third party app (like Hootsuite) would be great so it can be for business only. Thanks for any input!

Could good online reviews be a bad idea?

Do you think having good online reviews automatically post to Facebook page (or any Social Media) is a good idea or bad idea? With several per hour/day will it clog up the page with self-promoting, plain posts? Could good ratings cause people to unfollow? Would love to hear your thoughts!
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