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Do Google +1's count for anything in terms of blogger blog posts SEO?
I've got blog posts which my blogger account says have total +1's in the hundreds. I'm just wondering if this is taken into account in google searches?

I have some query about seo. I have added my site on Google webmaster tool 2 weeks before but but didn't index my site yet. I have already added xml sitemap. now what should I do?
And secondly I have added my website on webmaster as now I need to set preferred version as www version or don't set preferred domain ?

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Does your business need 2 Google + pages?

One for local and one for national Knowledge graph and branding purposes. Companies including +Moz have 2 pages, and have a different knowledge graph that pulls based on wether the SERP is local in Seattle or National.

cc: +Patrick Coombe +Antonino Bologna Bologna +Mark Traphagen

What Social Media Tools allow scheduling/publishing of Facebook Video?

Since everybody seems to agree that 2015 will be the year of Facebook Video, it will be important for brands to schedule & auto-publish native FB Video (no YouTube-Links etc.). Neither Hootsuite nor Buffer seem to support video - do you know of any tool that does?

Hello my name is Michelle Lambert and I'm looking forward connecting with all of you. I'm involved with affiliate marketing - I have several projects I'm working with, I have some set back in my personal life but I decided this year I'm going to focus on taking care my body better and focus on my business.  I have two wonderful teenagers and a wonderful husband motivating me!  I need to move out of this cold weather and enjoy the warmth from somewhere!
Keep your fingers crossed for me 2015 in the year where everything will change for me!

Hello Everyone  , I just wanted to Introduce myself. I am a Social Selling Trainer and I Show Clients How To Grow Their Business Profits Through +LinkedIn  and Social Selling using Webinars, Live Trainings, Coaching & Social Media Marketing Tactics. I am here because I am falling in love with Google + , I would appreciate any tips , suggestions, recommendations to help me stay in love with this fantastic tool. And how I can use G+ for Social Selling. If i can be of any assistant to anyone with Linkedin please do not hesitate to ask.  : )

Hi all! I wanted to ask if anyone's had any special success using LinkedIn Company Pages for small businesses, and if so, what techniques you used. Thanks!

Im currently reading about the 1-9-90 rule of online communities. Has anyone else come across it?

Just a quick moment to say thanks to +Andrij Harasewych for your constructive criticism on a recent post... I made some changes and was amazed to see 12 new leads come in today for my client.  Thanks again for taking the time to impart your perspective.  While I didn't agree with everything, just making a couple tweaks really helped... thanks.
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