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Hi My name is Ann Hyland. Thank you for providing this resource SMD. Peace be with you. :)

Recovering from a computer crash. Rebuilding my contacts and files. Large databases of 5,000 to 15,000 contacts from my businesses and multiple industries (health, fitness, art, graphic design, teaching, coaching). Any recommendations on ***BEST resources, applications, programs, prices, tips for #managing #large #contact #databases and #graphics files (extremely appreciated). I am #Apple primary and #PC secondary. Best resources for 6T or 12T server drives or go iCloud option for files? Last #website #creation was CMS Simple in 2008, looking to redesign my own websites. Suggestions? WIX or other options? Very interesting in learning about creating #landing #pages and #calendar #driven #technology to get direct phone appointments.. Ease of use. Have a lovely summer and praise God for another glorious day!

Hi, i really hope that this "room" is still alive.

Does anyone know of social media data analysis made with Jupyter Notebook and the scientific and analytic Python packages (Canopy, Anaconda...)?

It's hard to spot some examples here and there on the web, (i'm searching for workflows, best practices, case studies).

I have been managing social analytics (Facebook, Twitter insights, email marketing data, ecc.) with Pandas and Python for quite some time. I find them very useful for data cleaning process, boxplotting, quickly finding covariance e correlations between likes/share,/comment, organic reach linear regression, scatter matrix, ecc.
Not to speak of some natural language processing with sci-kit or NLTK (mostly sentiment analysis).

So, please, if you're into something similar, share some thoughts about it.

I am starting to turn this profile into a #projectbased profile. The reason for this is because I need to showcase to employers on #trainingprojects that I am doing on my own to build up my skills. This is in no relation to my current position with my employer as I am seeking full time elsewhere wanting to #careerchange to dealing with business client relationships or something closely related to that.

I am basically gaining knowledge by learning and doing so I can have some leverage in my interviews. I do not work in marketing dealing with social media, I do help desk and call center where I work. So, like I said, I am career changing and not sure if social media would be one aspect to go into.

So, I am trying to write my social media bio on G+. My question is since this is a #projectbased profile, how do I explain it to those who will be viewing my profile? I am not offering any professional services; if I see a discussion on something, I may offer my opinion and that's about it since I have no work experience behind it.

Hello, My name is Marquis and new to this site. I know I haven't used this profile as I have a main personal G+ account and do need to update information on this account. Right now, I am taking some free courses on the basics of social media to increase knowledge, gain skills, and showcase this #newly #project profile to employers. 

I am currently employed, however, I am doing a major #careerchange and wanting to move onto a new adventure. Hopefully, we can all connect and I can get some great advice on leveraging my social media profile(s). Hope to chat with everybody soon!
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