I'm board so....
I AM FIGHTING SOMEBODY! Someone, please?

training with my Pokemon in fight tactics Right, right, left, uppercut. Right, left, right, haymaker. My Pokemon repeat what I say on dummies ((Open RP))

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Name: Flare
Role: Elite 4 Member, War Leader
Pokemon: Typhlosion, Infernape, ((Mega X)) Charizard, Pyroar, ((Mega)) Blaziken, Volcanion
Purpose: Liberate All and create a free but organized world
Personality: Can swap between two, but has one in between.
1: Happy-go-lucky and very crazy. He can be seriously destructive, nice, and sarcastic. He is outgoing.
1 1/2. A wise guy and very clever.
2. Solemn and very quiet, and shy. He uses bigger words and seems more clever than normal.
Items: Fire Staff and Spear

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Name: jessie
Pokemon: woobat,pikachu,pumpkaboo,beheyem, inkay, diance.
Role:elite 4 member, war leader

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Name: Sephtis Yong ((Sephtis means Eternal Death and Yong means Dragon))
Role: Elite Four Member #4 and War Leader
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Dragalge, ((Mega)) Salamance, ((Mega if it gets one)) Milotic, Hydreigon, Haxours, Zekrom
Purpose: To protect those dear to him and to make his ideals a reality

Name: Silver
Wild Pokemon
Shiny Eevee
Lvl: 10
Moves: Shadow Ball,Swift,Iron Tail.
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