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Check out our new video tutorial covering the deployment of HFactory with Docker.

When we launched the community web site in November, our main objective was to make it easier for application developers to understand the basic principles of HFactory and get started with the platform.

We started off by delivering step-by-step getting started instructions and the full documentation online. Now we are moving to the next stage and getting "visual" with video tutorials. More on

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HFactory 1.2 is now available. As part of the work on the Hotspot showcase app, we have focused in this release on the data import workflow through the REST API.

We are pleased to announce the release of #HFactory 1.1. It's been some time coming - we had a lot of fun with Scala macros - but that's a huge step forward.

In this major release, we've replaced the 45-day evaluation by a time-unlimited developer license. We are also introducing several new core features around the support for complex #HBase data models, enhancements to the Eclipse workflow and deployment tooling. Last but not least, we have also tested and documented HFactory interoperability with all 3 major Hadoop distributions.

Check out the complete release note here:

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Discover, the community web site for the #HFactory for #HBase  project.
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