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Fam, I have another announcement to go with the first one.

The OC Beach Party may be on an event. I found out that I can make events on the computer.

Please tell me for sure if you know you'll be available on Monday ahead of time, so I can invite you to it.

Thank you! (O^u^O)

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Fam, I have an announcement!

This Monday coming up, I am planning on having a OC beach party!

It is roleplay, of course. You do not want to see me try to swim.

I am not sure if I'll locate this party in a post, event or the OC RP Town Community. I'll go look into that as soon as I post this.

So, it'll be on a beach. I'll use about 2 of my OCs, but you can be more if you want.

I won't really be on Saturday and maybe Sunday, because I am going to my grandma's house and spending the night.

Thank you for reading. If you have questions, I am available on here and Hangouts.

I just put two new rules on advertising other communities and chain posts. Those don't belong here. ^^

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Name: Mitsuba

Age: 27

Gender: male

Height: 6'4

Species: Human

Personality: Mainly an introvert, but will have outbursts of loud goofiness, then goes and hides again.

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On a warm summer day, Houseki was taking a walk through town. Like usual, he went by a jewelry store window and gazed at all the jewelry from necklaces to bracelets. After a minute, Houseki checked his phone and saw that his friend texted him. Houseki read the text and smirked. The text explained about a bar nearby where thieves came regularly. Houseki's job was to trash it up, and make it so no one would go there anymore. Houseki goes to the location, and kicks the door open. Within minutes, the bar was a wreck, many people injured. Houseki giggled as his claws dripped with blood.

(OPEN RP. No need to ask. ^^~)

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Name: Houseki Kujakuseki

Nickname: He calls himself a jewel

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Height: 6'3

Species: Human

Birthday: June 19

Personality: Houseki is overconfident and has a big ego. He is able to pick out the people he holds dear to his heart to the ones he wants to destroy, using their weaknesses. Houseki can be overly helpful sometimes, and persistent with it too. Houseki can get chatty and talkative. If he reaches a topic he doesn't like to talk about, he'll dodge it. His temper runs short quick, and he'll start acting childish or get real violent.

Powers: Shooting green paste out of his hands, then turning that into crystals with a Moh's hardness of 10.

Person of Interest: None

Likes: jewels, gems, emerald green, malachite is his favorite gem, shiny things, fluffy things, some animals (cute ones), lip gloss, new fashion, making his own fashion trends.

Dislikes: tight spaces, feeling too hot, avocados unless in guacamole, spiders or any bug except for lightning bugs, talking about the death of his parents or how he felt right after.

Weapon: Diamond encrusted claws (like the shredder!)

Sexuality: Let's go with Bisexual

Clan: Green

Rank: U

Aura: Green

Skills: Sewing, cooking, analyzing people

Family: His parents are totally murdered and dead, he's an only child, and the most he'd have are some cousins

Bio: Houseki was always a confident young man. He had two loving parents, that often were very supportive of him. By the time he was 18, his parents were killed, and tore down his world. He felt like he had no one to understand him or to support him. To get his mind off the traumatic incident, he got a job in a jewelry store. As Houseki progresses in life, he kept hearing about people losing their loved ones. Houseki couldn't bear it any longer, and wanted to be a hero. He joined JUNGLE to make the world a better place.

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Name: Ikki Toboe

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Height: 6’1

Species: Human

Sexuality: Homosexual

Birthday: May 26

Powers: Turns to liquid, heat resistance, electricity resistance, enhanced speed

Person of Interest: None

Likes: Bubble Gum, Shiny Suits, Sunsets, getting his way

Dislikes: Being cold (makes it hard to liquify), “No” as an answer towards him

Skills: Sewing, drawing, fashion designing

Family: parents, and cousins

Personality: He is calm and smart. He can be sarcastic and sassy, having a way with words. He has a confident attitude in almost anything he does. He can be rather stubborn.

Bio: Ikki Toboe has always wanted to be a singer. He hoped his entire life to be a singer. Not many record companies wanted to take him in, because they were scared of his ability to turn into a liquid. One day while walking out another company that rejected him, a man offered him a deal to become a villain. Since trying to pursue his music career failed, Ikki felt like he had nothing to lose.

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Name: Setsuna Oda

Nickname: Mr. Oda, Oda sensei

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Height: 6 ft

Species: Human

Birthday: July 1

Sexuality: Straight

Weapon: His left prosthetic arm shoots lasers, his prosthetic legs are like jets, his eye glass can give him information on the enemy, his left robo arm is able to make holographic screens appear that gives him a bigger projection of what's on his eye glass screen

Powers: super strength, enhanced speed, creates force shields to block of attacks

Skills: Chemistry, Cleaning, Cooking

Person of Interest: Single as a pringle, no one

Likes: Reading, watching the weather forecast, relaxing with Kaori after a hard day's work, listening to NEMESIS' plans (because he thinks they're brilliant), exploring different types of sushi

Dislikes: Loud noises, messes, When Houseki gets fussy, sometimes the news, children

Family: Mom, Dad and Sister

Personality: Setsuna is very formal to everyone, but slightly less formal to Houseki, NEMESIS and Kaori. He can get strict and demanding to his allies, but he is just ensuring their safety. Setsuna is also known to be very serious, and sometimes grouchy. This guy will not laugh at your jokes.

Bio: Setsuna was once a chemistry professor at a high school. One day, a lab explosion occurred with an unknown cause. Setsuna believes it to be at a student's fault. Due to the explosion, Setsuna lost his: left arm, both legs and sight in his left eye.

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How is everyone with their profiles? Everyone doing okay?

As soon as we're ready, I might post some community RPs.

Houseki had gotten whiff of there being a new boy in town. This sparked interest in the ever so curious and bored Houseki. Once he got a little more information on this kid, from his friends, Houseki decided to send him a text message. The text message said, Hello, Yukiko- chan~! I heard that you're the new boy, and I'm so interested! Would you like to join me in lunch, then we can have a little walk through town? Houseki was rather straight to the point in the message.

Closed RP to +Saruhiko Fushimi
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