+Emma Wood Could you please invite people you  know Emma?

You are out for a stroll around midnight.It begins to rain and you see a girl that is sixteen outside alone.When you call out to me I turn and that is when you see my katana.You turn and make a break for it...
((Anyone may join))
((As many that want))
((You can ask and I will answer))
((Sorry about bad start))

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You wonder why such a young girl would live here.Due to rumors you find this out in the middle of nowhere.Then you saw me...
((Open to male))
((NO romance))
((You chose everything but name))
((Name is Jay))
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Your walking during the night. You have just finished your nightly run. You stop when you see a girl with electric blue hair sitting next to a lake watching you in the moons glow.
Please help me the girl whispers. you have to lean to hear her.
Why do you need help?
she mutters something. 
What was that? I speak.
The bad people are coming for me. she whispers starting to cry silently.Pleading me to help
(( Sorry for the bad beginning ))

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* You hear a scream and shrug* Its usual anyway. The queen wants to kill you. You imagine her standing next to her window clutching her necklace and shutter.  * Crash* The door breaks open. You stand up wondering how they found you so quickly. As you expected The Queen's guard is standing in the doorway and the queen is not far behind.

(( Female and 2 Males Max ))

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Your walking on a cloudy rain with your dog. When suddenly you see a girl with wings sitting on the wet ground
Choose what to say...

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* Your walking along a lake and you see a girl on the dock. She sways. than starts to fall. she looks at peace.*
What do you do?
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