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Sitting here with my husband and roommate had a productive day my children were officially released from the state amen went grocery shopping spent time planning a fishing trip lol
My story.... My whole life was nothing but a struggle my parents struggled my whole childhood we got no breaks I'm a high school
Dropout was a teenage mother I lost my father at 18 I watched all the kids that were in my class graduate it hurt but I made that choice I see my classmates now in college or graduated and successful it hurts but again I made that choice I I've lost my children twice something that hurt me so bad but got them back I met an amazing woman named Montana that changed my life she showed me it works I'm still a beginner I may get impatient and down on myself every now and then but I haven't given up and I won't I may not have graduated high school or went to college but I will one day be successful... My why is my kids I will give my children and husband the life I never had I want to say thank you to 3 special ladies that push me when I'm down that make sure I don't give up that have dealt with my random negativity I've told you my why.....

Hello my name is Ashley Faulconer I'm looking to connect with people and build relationships
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