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Name Jackson Overland Frost (prefers to be called Jack Frost)

Age unknown

Gender male

Powers can control ice and snow, can fly

Crush doesn't have one

Dislikes fire, being warm, anything that includes heat in it

Likes anything that is cold

Bio doesn't want to talk about it

(The image that looks different from the rest is me at full power)
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Please everyone make a profile so we can start roleplaying :)

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Name: Jermaine
Age: 16
Powers: actually she can do all so, ALL XD
Likes: Chinese food, casting funny spells and my friends
Dislikes: bullies, spells going wrong and Bitches ((a.k.a the dream crushers))
Appearance: see pic
Personality: brave, daring, sweet, stunning, powerful and helpful
Bio: hey, my name is Jermaine Serasia and I was born in the Southern Isles of Greenland. When my mother and father passed away, I became Queen of The Southern Greenland
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Name: Lily
Age: 16
Crush: not decided yet
Powers: Can control water, can turn into a mermaid
Likes: Using my magic and hanging out with my friends
Dislikes: Spells going wrong, homework
Appearance: see picture
Personality: brave, kind, amazing at surfing
Bio: Hi, I'm Lily. I was born in Malibu and was raised there my whole life. This was where I discovered I had powers and could turn into a mermaid. However, I had to keep them a secret and as I got older, they became harder and harder to control. This is why I'm here at Element high school.
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