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Random searching in YouTube found this what do you people think? RubyRose V SpiderMan

its like a Barren wasteland, even the owner is gone lol

people still doing anything here?

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anyone see the raptor in v1 ep 16 (Black and White)
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Cars that would fit Team RWBY

Because nothing is going on here and its fun to do this again

So the theme is USDM (United States Domestic Made)

Ruby - Mustang Shelby GT500 (What foreigners mainly know i guess)
Weiss - Cadillac CTS (cuz is nice)
Blake - Dodge Viper (also very nice)
Yang - Dodge HellCat (Why would Cadillac make this/i could switch with the demon)

If you know any new and great USDM car that would fit Team RWBY comment down below!
Stay tuned for JDM cars that would fit Team RWBY!

Sorry Guys I have not been on lately cause I got out of RWBY after I saw a little of volume 4 I did not like it much but hey what ever

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I finally got yang

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Rwby rated r

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i don't really use G+ that often and i just only check up on it to see the ghettoness of fandoms goes around
trips and has random stuff falls out of pockets
well damn

btw im at 11,195
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