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Name caius
Pokemon darkrai
Moves dark pulse dark void thunderbolt and ominous wind
Bio before caius was changed into darkrai a dimensional hole appeared caius was unsure of what this was but he was pushed in along with his friend (who was a human at the time but is turned into Dusknoir) he woke up in the Pokemon world unsure where he was he went to a guild and asked to join 

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Name Greg
Pokemon Dusknoir
Level currently 38
Moves currently shadow ball shadow punch. Shadow sneak ice punch
Gender male
Ability frisk
Nature bashful
Bio after defeating lance he met a celebi that took him into the past when he was a human then while they were traveling in time a lugia attacked them and destroys the time traveling path and he turns into a Pokemon and loses his most of his memory apart from his resolve to find celebi 

×Open RP×
Mark was lying down on a thick branch on a tree
Mark: Ah... This place is amazing. I really want to stay....

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Name: Peyton
Pokemon: Riolu
Gender: Male
Level (for now): 26
Moves(will change when i level up):Quick Attack, Bite, Vacuum Wave, Force Palm
Ability: Inner Focus
Nature: Sassy (aparently this is Riolu's nature in EOT/D/S)
Age: 14 (but pokemon think he looks about 10 and he doesnt remember his real age so he just goes along with it)
Bio: As a human, he was a Pokemon Trainer and the Champion of both the Kalos Pokemon League and the Hoenn Pokemon League, had captured 15 legendaries, defeated 5, had 6 megas (that he actually used in battle) and got his entire team to level 100. He easily befriended Pokemon as a trainer, when he caught about 5 PC boxes of Pokemon, he started to hear a voice calling him in his sleep that sounded like a younger version of Mewtwo. Then, he started to understand it better and hear it for longer periods of time, and was even able to see a shadow of the Pokemon talking to him, Mew. One night, he heard it screaming "I found you! Hurry, come lend us your strength! We need you!" Then, he disapeared from the human world and woke up as a Riolu and lost all of his memories. Then, he was attacked by 3 Beeheyem (i dont care if i spelled it wrong) and found Nuzleaf, who took him to Serene Village, where he started to live life as a Pokemon. And to this day he still doesn't understand why Mew wanted him to "lend it his strength."
Personality: As a human, he always loved Pokemon, so he is very friendly when he meets a new Pokemon, and he won't attack one unless it attacks him or his friends first. But when a Pokemon does attack him, he won't stop attacking them until they are blacked out. However, he doesn't talk very much, mainly because he can't fluently speak to other Pokemon just yet. However, he tries his best to act like a normal Riolu so nobody gets suspicious about him.
Appearance: He always wears a green and blue scarf that is best friend, Mural the Froakie gave him as a gift.
Team: The Rebellion
Likes: Pokemon, video games, rock music
Dislikes: Poor sports, profanity, most Fairy types
Homes: Human: Vanivile Town, Pokemon: Lively Town
Partner: Mural the Froakie
Held Item: Wise Glasses (cuz i wear glasses irl)
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((RP closed to +Mr. Mattino))

You were walking near to the abandoned ruins of an old mansion when you see something black flash by you. You look around but you can't see anyone. You remember an old legend of a treasure that lay in these ruins. The legend mentioned something about Guardians and Traps...

Just updating it.

Name: Zoro
Pokemon: Shiny Zorua-Human hybrid
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight

Level: Unknown as he is a Hybrid
Ability: Illusion
=Foul Play
=Night Daze
=Double Team
=Copy Cat
=Grass Knot

Appearance: Has a mark of a jolly roger on his forehead. (no one knows what it means)
Personality: Energetic, fun, cheerful and friendly and loves to prank anyone. He is also very curious.
Quote: "Curiosity may have killed the cat... but Satisfaction brought it back."

Likes: Pranking others, making friends, video games, music and desserts
Dislikes: Killjoys, Spicy food, exams and waiting...

Bio: After the malfunction of an experiment, Zoro, now a hybrid, was abandoned as a child in the forest. He soon learnt how to control his magic powers and mastered illusion. He is also able to learn more moves than regular Pokemon. It is unknown as to what else happened then but he got a tattoo of a jolly roger. With so much practice, his Illusion became so strong that even other pokemon capable of the power were affected. With his ability as Illusion, pranking is a breeze to him.

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NAME: Chrissie
AGE: 14 (Human Years)
GENDER: Female
MOVES: She only uses her claws.
BIO: Parents Died, her sister took care of her. She died, now Chrissie hates everyone and blames pity in herself.
PERSONALITY: Grumpy, Quiet, Dark, Hateful.
OTHER: Doesn't talk to people alot, she lives in a cave in the woods.


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(I'm gonna do four at once)
Names: Matthew, Marriland, Mischief, and Julie
Gender: Marriland and Matthew(me) are male. Mischief and Julie are female
Age:Matthew(me) is 16, and probably the youngest in the group. Marriland is 20, mischief is 17, and Julie is 18.
Me - thunderbolt, quick attack, and tackle
Marriland - Hidden power, leaf blade, tackle, and vine whip
Mischief - bone rush, power-up punch, and swords dance
Julie - Fly, leaf blade, razor leaf, and hidden power
Bio: unknown. They like to change it around after what happened to them. Maybe if you find a friend of theirs to talk to, they might say it...
The Pokemon we are:
Me - pichu
Marriland - chikorita
Mischief - riolu
Julie - Rowlet
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((RP with +Giratina The Rebel​))
Mark is walking around the plaza, but Mark looks very confused
Mark: This plaza looks amazing, although I've never been here before...
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