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As Dubai hurtles into the 21st century at break neck speed, the demand for labour to sustain this rapid growth is exponentially increasing. With a burst in growth anticipated in almost all sectors driving the economy, the opportunity for employment is plentiful and thus the numbers of experts, both skilled as well as unskilled labourers, entering the country every year is on the rise.
Any foreign expert, who is not a UAE national, requires a resident permit to live and work in Dubai. The residency permit then allows employees to obtain a work permit.
The majority of experts have already secured employment prior to arriving in Dubai and they do not have to deal with the relevant authorities for the work permit. But also times and schedules hold you back from adequately pursuing and having your documents followed up with the proper steps involved in the procedure. This is where we come in.
With full support and collaboration from all necessary agencies and government bodies, we stand to offer you swift and authentic Dubai better life. 
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