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No suffix corresponds here .

... its president here .

No Reciprocation .

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When he is informal to the people contemporary he is jesus .
But same being when is realised as formal to existance or god I feel like puting him in block letters CHRIST .

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They said about jesus that he is bewildered . If they could have been by a reasoning that its them getting bewildered .
There is no intention in jusus to bewilder the other .
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Its SUN God .
Doesn't ask for worship .
Just tells you
to join in love disco .
And rejoicement follows .
Dance was the message
Dance is the message
Dance dance dance .
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It happens .you r walkin and are caught by somethin beautiful .
Lookin at vast sky .
Seein a rose flower .
You become one with the object you look at .
Dont say you were made into an absence .
Say all availablity in you concentarated .
This availability is that I know as HEART .

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Clouds stand can't anywhere against SUN yet on earth here as is the situation clouds could keeps Sun covered under them for days continually.
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No meme can inrupt a soul although all memes are coming out from the soul .
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Then I tell
A void .
The void is now bringing up more questions .then I feel like putging it this way .
The void is
I m not .
The mind tries to find me
But if I was available to it .
Silly sort games become the mind and aquires those parts of perception those are helpless to say no to anything as there does remain a gene of remaining open available redardless .
Does not matter how much the emptiness is attending itself for sake its own
Does not count how thick the concious become .
The emptiness is easily tresspassed by silly games of mind
Part that is physical of perception get aquired easily by mind .
Does not matter how much it brings the defficiency does not matter how much is one vigilent towards the mind and its games . When this helplessly available part inside one is the issue everyone is a void .
Just void and nothing else
This had been since ceturies making many renounce . Making many to choose be living in remote woods .
But if anything helped .
Those are the parts each one seeks inside as they get covered under layers of desire and lust .
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Same the same light of love
Shines alone .
Shining with itself
Devoided of the ME .
As it were and is now
A goodness
Of that the contemplation . 3/3 .
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3/4 Self remains more or less integrated due to that concentration of mind due to the continuation of it due to the contemplation .
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