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Souls Name:Mary

Souls Age: 16

Backstory: Mary had 2 sisters one day when they where at Freddys Fazbears her youngest sister Dove was 4 years old and her mom left dove behind them they went back the next day before it closed (Dove was at a sleep over) to pick up dove she was not there...Then they left Phiniox there for a sleepover the next night they went to pick her up... She was not there Phiniox was 8
When Mary turned 16 she got a job as the night security guard she never came home...(the place I got this story idea was from it's been so long look it up just replace son and children with sister)

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Hey Guys just in case you wanna know when people put this =before= that means before we became the FNAF people and this ^book^means your reading some thing
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