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Check out Episode Two of Artistic Expressions! Michelle Thomas interviews long time friend AnneMarie Williams known as Jedda of K La Rue, Educational Arts in Motion "Where learning is an adventure."
The show airs Saturdays at 4:00pm on Hartford Public Access Television channel 5. 
Artistic Expressions is dedicated to informing the public of the community's vast wealth of talent and artistic expression through showcasing artist of all genres! 
Watch the show and show your support of the Arts!
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Year of Silence poem written and performed in interpretive sign language by Michelle Thomas. This was part of the Gala Slam art reception held on June 21, 2014 at ArtSpace Gallery downtown Hartford.

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Please check out our first Episode of Artistic Expressions!  An interview with Michelle Thomas conducted by the Executive Producer and Host George Milner.
The show is dedicated to hosting interviews with local artists of all genres. The show is created and aired at Hartford Public Access Television on channel 5, 95 & 96 @ 4:00 pm Saturdays. 
Michelle Thomas will also Host future episodes.
We are committed to supporting the Arts and local artists.

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Please join this community of encouragement! 
All posts are for the purpose of uplifting someone's spirit, in hopes to spur them on to positive action.
Let's..."be the change you wish to see in the world." -Gandhi
Artpeace Studio - Michelle
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Waveris playing the piano with his teacher.  

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My son sharing his developing talent to encourage others.

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Madison playing the piano at Avery Heights.

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My daughter sharing her developing gift with others!

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Although we are blessed with the ability to have many talents, one of my more overt talents is the ability to draw. However, what I enjoy most about this gift is the opportunities I get to teach others. No matter how young or old the student, I am thrilled to teach people how to tap into the artist within!
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