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I failed I failed I failed I failed I am so sorry +PonyGirl 108 it took me a while cuz I forgot I had it finished and so I noticed some stuff do I fixed it and it's just horrible now I'm sorry......
#emberessed #sorry

Well, as I was catching up my MLP knowledge to the current seasons,
I noticed this:
Kathleen Barr is Misko and Trixie

and we all know Vincent Tong is Kai and Flash Sentry, but another actor in both shows!
Pretty cool!

Is there anyone I can voice for it? (I know I'm late, I only found out that this will be a series now.)

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This looks like a crossover between Ninjago and MLP! ^•^

Seems like this place is dead hmmm I might make some art for the place let me see her ~starts thinking of some ideas~

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FINALLY!!!! I'm on a roll with my BTR series!!! YAASSS!!!!

Ok I finished part 1 of BTR!!!!! Now more to go! XD

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Made these edits myself! I'm very proud of them! BTR coming soon! ^^
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+《Aphmau Chan Kawaii Girl 》 『Shay』 I am still waiting for your lines for my series when you are done with them plz send them to me but in a private post! Thanks!

Anyone want to be my artist for my series? I'm looking for one! ^^

Just ask in the comments and I will say yes or no
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