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I'm not taking chances with this crazy stuff man.

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Name: Emperor Kuzco
Age: 33
Friends: Pacha
Enemies: Yzma, Kronk
Theme: Perfect World
Likes: Theme Song
Dislikes: Animals, Yzma, and Touching

Can i be Emperor Kuzco if not then thats fine

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Name:Ishimaru Tremain
Nickname: you can chose
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Powers: Ability to control fire
Weapons: Fire dagger
Skills: Good with a sword. Best with my dagger. I also know hand to hand combat
Likes: Kindness. Fighting. Animals (Unless evil)
Dislikes: Evil. Bullies. Meanness.
Weakness: Water
Parents: Cinderella (Ya her...Its disney) And prince Henry
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Anyone wanna rp?

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Name: Kimberly
Nickname: Kim
Age: 17
Im a student
Power: to turn into a cat
Likes: drawing and i love animals
Dislikes: when someone i love gets hurt
Personality: country, shy, friendly, loyal, and honest
Weapons: knife
Skills: im really sneaky 

Anybody want to rp plz

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Name: ray
Nickname: icy or frost bite
Age: 10
Gender: male
powers: control over ice and snow
weapons: nun yet
skills: acrobatics
likes: the cold, spending time with friends
dislikes: jerks, not summer days
parents:Elsa and Jack frost
Bio: I have lived with my parents learning to use my parents 
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