Divergent Roleplay
Sierra walks through the sectors of Amity, looking for something to do. The Aptitude Test is tomorrow. I look up and bump into you. You...

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~"As always, a genius at work.~"

Name: Sarah "Poindexter" Naomi

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: technology veteran (special kind of technology goddess)

Fandom: (again, does a book that I made myself count?)

Powers: Like Melody, she can open realms but also control technology everywhere and create weapons

About: (in outfits because I'm not sure?)

Likes: being with her friends, encouraging Katie, her genius sisters (possibly tools)

Dislikes : evil

Appearance: red hair, brick red eyes, wears anything red as a symbol of a heart

Personality: quirky, shy, intelligent, fast-thinking, clumsy

Family: Her sisters, Kiomi, Riley, and Mikaela (she doesn't know her adopted parents for as they never talk to her or her real parents)

Bio: Poindexter's memory was erased because her parents were afraid the A.S.E.C would track her memory so it's unknown about her past.
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~"There's always a friend worth more than gold."~

Name: Melody Mizaki

Age: 17

Gender: female

Species: Goddess (and human)

Fandom: none (if books that I created counts, then The Stars In Our Fates)

Powers: She has her own unique powers. She has a special marking in which she can use to open portals and other dimensions, including her birth home.

About: (in outfits?)

Likes: Being with her friends, mysteries, her little sister

Dislikes: not knowing her real parents, mistakes, high school, blushing

Appearance: pale skin (normal pale), purple hair, purple eyes, always wearing a white turtleneck, and purple skirt, and wearing a fluffy hat with a bow on top

Personality: funny, sarcastic, control freak

Family: Her adopted earth parents, Mrs. Minaka, Mr. Minaka, and her sister Miyami. Her real parents are unknown.

Bio: Melody was born on Star, a dimension far from Earth. But, her planet was being attacked by their enemies, the A.S.E.C (Anti-Stars Evil Consumers), when she was still an infant. They sent her to Earth, where she'd be safe. She was adopted and throughout her years, they were boring. Until, she met Misani, Laya, Katie, Poindexter (Sarah), and Kiama. They all worked together to defeat the A.S.E.C.

-It was difficult to think of these cheesy Chinese/Japanese names XD.-
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My story is ready if you would want to read it.

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~Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't be a gamer~
~Being a alchemist can be dangerous, but it has its advantages~
Name Skylar
Age 16
Species Human
Fandom YouTube, Fullmetal alchemist
Powers Can create anything as long as it's made out of metal
About Her father is jacksepticeye
Likes Games, horror, YouTube, recording her videos, animal, Oreo, creating stuff
Dislikes Haters, bad quality videos, bad games, People who powers for bad
Other She has a pet wolf called Oreo
Appearance Brown hair, blue eyes, 5"6, pale skin, her right arm is metal
Personality Skylar is a bubbly, happy, energetic girl, she is always full of life and is willing to help anyone.
Family Father: Jacksepticeye
Mother: Unknown but was an alchemist
Bio When Skylar was a baby her father won full custody of her as alchemists are considered dangerous. She doesn't remember her and her family don't speak of her much but she has been happy living with her dad. She was 13 when she found a book on alchemy, this lead to her being able to create stuff from her surroundings. She was 14 when she found out her mother had died and she had read a book on human transmutation, as Skylar had never seen her mum she decided to try it. This took months. The transmutation failed and her leg was taken away through equivalent exchange. This means she has a robotic leg. From this experience she also can preform transmutation with out a transmutation circle. Before she performed human transmutation, her father didn't know about her being an alchemist. Once he found out he disowned her. She found a house and is still paying off the debt for her robotic leg. Her YouTube channel has been a very big help with this and is still growing on YouTube.
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~"Oh shut up, will ya?"~
Name:  Haven Fitzgerald
Age: 17
Gender:  Female
Species: Human (part Lunar and part Cyborg)
Fandom:  fnaf
Powers: can control anything, can manipulate the animatronics
About: ???
Likes: keeping to herself
Dislikes: remembering her mother
Appearance: purple hair, or sometimes black, with purple or blue eyes (usually red), always wearing her uniform at work and outside wearing black or blue leggings and any kind of T-shirt
Personality: extremely quiet
Bio: Before everything went to crap , Haven's life was kinda ok when she was four. Her mother was a scientist, a really important one, and her father worked as a security guard at a pizzeria. She had an older sister Mia (and a younger sister Lili) that was really nice to her and took care of her while their parents worked nightly. Mia was only eleven and she was extremely childish. One day, their mother went missing. And Jeremy went crazy to look for her. He told the girls she was important because she had a special syrum that everyone would almost die for it. Although, no one but her knew why it was really important, except spy a watched her put Xoranoxtrined in it. Knowing his job was dangerous (in a moment of weakness, he wanted to cheer them up), he took the girls to Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. It was fun, especially to Mia and Lili. Haven was.... dead inside. Afterwards, she was approached by a golden animatronic. She started having a panic attack and they left. A week later, Mia was found in the kitchen, dead. No telling how or what had killed her but she was dead. Lili too. She was found in the bathroom dead too. Jeremy was gone. Haven lived all alone since then.
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Skylars pictures
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Closed to +Sierremist AJ​.
As Haven Fitzgerald
I was in my office in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. It was extremely cold. You see a pair of sissors in my hand, where I'm cutting my left wrist.

~"Just because I'm a girl, doesn't mean i can't be a gamer"~

Name: Skylar 

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Fandom: YouTube

About: Skylar is the daughter of Jacksepticeye  

Likes: Games, Horror, YouTube, recording her videos, food, animals, Oreo

Dislikes: Haters, bad quality videos, bad quality games

Other Has a pet wolf called Oreo dont ask

Appearance: Brown hair, blue eyes, about 5"6, pale skin

Personality: Skylar is a very bubbly, energetic person. She is always full of life and willing to help anyone. She loves to meet her fans.

Family: Father is Jacksepticeye

Bio: When Skylar was a baby her father won full custody over her as of this she doesn't remember her her mother at all and she doesn't really care as she has been happy living with her dad. As of her YouTube channel she doesn't get out much but she would love to travel the whole world with her friends. She loves to play with Her pet wolf Oreo as he is her best friend but you know what they say "Dogs a mans best friend"

*Closed to +Bethany Weasley 
Thank you so much for watching and I will see all of you in the next video I say closing out my most recent video. I stop the recording and exit the game.*Thank goodness for that, finally finished all of my videos for the day I say to myself. *I head to my balcony to get some fresh air and that's when I spot you 
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