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~Hey, hey, hey guys! Here are the rules for this RP:~

1. If you are making an OC, you have to have your profile approved before you can go on to RP.

2. At least try to be as detailed with your OC as you can. You don't have to be OP with the details, just try to be as descriptive as possible.

3. No bullying unless it's in RP. If you're bullying, you'll have a warning. If it continues after that, I'll not hesitate to ban you from the community.

4. If you have any questions or concerns, just ask me.

5. If you want to RP as one of the canon characters from the show, you may do so, but you have to ask me first. I will make a list of which characters are available or not. If that person is not active for more than at least a week, then I will open that character for another user to take.

6. NO GODMODDING!! Every character has weaknesses and can get hurt. Even ghosts.

7. •IMPORTANT!!• Have fun! That's the point of RP!

~Now, you don't have to, but you can use this profile template for your OC:~

Species { Are you a Ghost, a Human, a Halfa? You can specify what kind of ghost if you want.
Appearance { I think I make myself clear that if you are a halfa, you have to have two completely different appearances
Powers { Only for Ghosts and Halfas
Occupation { Like Valerie, are you a ghost hunter like her? This is optional
Likes Optional
Dislikes Optional
Affiliation { If you don't know what that means, it means if you're good or evil

~Here are the CANON characters you can be:~
Danny Fenton/Phantom:
Sam Manson:
Tucker Foley:
Jazz Fenton:
Madeline Fenton:
Jackson Fenton:
Dash Baxter:
Vice Principal Lancer:
Valerie Gray:
Vlad Masters/Plasmius:
Nicholai Technus:
The Box Ghost:
The Lunch Lady:
Ember McLain:
Penelope Spectra:
Dan Phantom/Dark Dan:
The Box Lunch:
Fright Knight:
Ghost Writer:
Johnny 13 & Shadow:
Pariah Dark:
Prince Aragon:
Sidney Poindexter:
Guys in White:
Masters' Blasters:
Dairy King:
Danielle "Dani" Phantom:
Princess Dorothea:
Damon Gray:
Tiffany Snow:
Lance Thunder:
Principal Ishiyama:

~Alrighty then! That's it for now! Enjoy the community and go ghost!~
(I know, lamest line ever.)

Anyone wanna rp?

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Name jake
Age 14
Gender m
Species human
Appearance { in pic }
Likes Fighting, snow, meeting new people
Affiliation neutral
Bio he was separated from his sister Cordelia for an unknown reason and was left in the ghost zone

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*I know people are going to comment about this so I'll clarify, I DID NOT get the eye thing from under tale, I took the eye thing from my first oc that was made in 2014 before undertale

Name Cordelia
Age 13
Gender f
Species I'm a ghost but I wasn't born one I died and became one
Appearance { in pic}
Powers shape shifting, can summon weapons and wings, and basic ghost abilities (to many to name)
Personality stubborn, sarcastic, empathetic
Occupation explorer
Likes exploring
Dislikes getting lost
Affiliation neutral
Bio she died in a fire and now wonders through the ghost zone and sometimes the human world documenting and finding her parents so she can move on and be at peace

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(Open rp)

walks around amity park, she stops to see a crowd of scarred people
Cordelia: why are all of you looking at me, you've all seen a ghost before

I am walking through the halls of Casper High, it's my first day at a new school and I'm a bit nervous

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Name-Marilyn Dempsy
Appearance-Picture below
Powers-No powers
Personality-Sweet, fun, smart, honest, loyal, shy, creative
Occupation-School photographer
Bio-I live with my parents and my 3 older brothers. I was the new girl and sort of an outcast until I met Danny, Tucker and Sam. They treated me like a true friend. I learned about Danny's ghost powers, and even though I had a lot to gain from telling people about that, me being a photographer for the school paper, I had Danny's back. Because that's what friends are for. Don't tell Danny, but I think Skulker is so hot

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Name Rose Bishop
Age 15
Gender Female
Species Halfa
Appearance Human form in picture. Ghost form involves wings with black and white feathers to represent her neutrality. Her hair gains a blonde streak as well, in memory to her past innocence.
Powers Uses powers to make swords, and is pretty bad at teleportation. She can only teleport to somewhere she can see. Even then, she is very inaccurate.
Personality Really depends on her mood
Occupation Student
Likes Music, friends, being alone, being praised
Dislikes Dogs, shots, death, bullies, snobs
Affiliation Neutral
Bio Grew up in Texas, where she was bullied physically and verbally. Rose eventually grew angrier and angrier until she finally fought back. During that fight, they pulled out a knife and stabbed her several times in the back, and stomach. She was left bleeding in the woods near her school, nearing death. But she thought about how much others had hurt her. And the people who DID care about her. She refused to die. She dragged herself to the school and got help, but died in the hospital from infected wounds. She still, refused to fully let go, terrified of what was after death, and forced her way back into life. She was revived and her family moved away as quickly as they could and ever since then she has lived here
Weaknesses Terrified of burning, not very athletic so she grows tired easily, anger issues, not very good at handling pain
//Art is not mine.

I'm slightly confused, is halfa basically a mixture of two species? Like...
half human half goat?
half human half ghost?
half human half insert something here because I'm just lazy

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Real Name: Phoenix Veran aka Nix

Ghost Name: Pyralis

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Demisexual

Affiliation: Neutral but more on the good side

Species: Halfa

Powers: Pyrokinesis, ecto-balls, shields, teleportation, duplication, invisibility, intangibility, ecto-electricity, ecto-lasers, flying, ecto-disks, overshadowing, illusions, fast-healing, shadow-like testicles, summoning shadow animals, ghost portal creating

Weapon: Ecto-daggers though it's not used very often

Personality (her personality literally contradicts itself): Shy sometimes, caring, scary when mad, slight clairsentient, kind, naive, dorky, quietly clingy, indecisive (or as she puts it analyzes things until they're even and she can't make a decision), cat-like (lay on someone but doesn't like to be touched, constantly in high/small uncrowded spaces, even her smug face is cat-like), naturally quiet but can be very loud, sarcastic, stubborn, observant, wiser than she lets on, protective (mother-like), random, blunt af, can have an attitude depending on her mood and who she's around, awkward, unique, clumsy, funny, and fun-loving.

Likes: Music, nice people, friends, sweets, reading, singing, animals especially white tigers, helping others, chocolate chip cookies, frozen yogurt, slushies, ice-skating, cooking/baking, breaking the fourth wall, conspiracy theories, making references to random things, and her necklace (laugh at it she’ll hurt steal or damage it on purpose she’ll kill you)

Dislikes: Racist, homophobes, sexist, bullies, evil people especially Vlad, abuse, dying, large bodies of water, fish flies, animatronics, spicy food, cinnamon rolls, loud/high pitch noises, people who jump to conclusions, people in danger, and seeing people sad

Bio: After going through a bunch of things (awesome things) with her friends, Phoenix and her brother decides that they want to leave Michigan but they can’t because she is an orphan and her brother hasn't earned enough money to full take care of her yet. Three of her friends (they’re rich) talk their "guardians" into helping them by buying them a house in Amity Park since they helped them so much in the past. Because of this they end up moving to Amity Park, on her way to their new house, she gets in the middle of Vlad and Danny’s fight in which Vlad tries to blast Danny and misses. Sadly, Nix wasn’t as lucky and she got hit instead, the blast was strong enough not to hurt/kill her but to give her ghost powers.

Other: She suffers from anxiety and adhd. She is deathly afraid of being forgotten/abandoned/losing everyone she loves and the thoughts of what would happen to her if that ever happened. She is bullied often because of her red eyes.

Appearance: First picture is her human form while the second picture is her ghost form.
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