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~Hey, hey, hey guys! Here are the rules for this RP:~

1. If you are making an OC, you have to have your profile approved before you can go on to RP.

2. At least try to be as detailed with your OC as you can. You don't have to be OP with the details, just try to be as descriptive as possible.

3. No bullying unless it's in RP. If you're bullying, you'll have a warning. If it continues after that, I'll not hesitate to ban you from the community.

4. If you have any questions or concerns, just ask me.

5. If you want to RP as one of the canon characters from the show, you may do so, but you have to ask me first. I will make a list of which characters are available or not. If that person is not active for more than at least a week, then I will open that character for another user to take.

6. NO GODMODDING!! Every character has weaknesses and can get hurt. Even ghosts.

7. •IMPORTANT!!• Have fun! That's the point of RP!

~Now, you don't have to, but you can use this profile template for your OC:~

Species { Are you a Ghost, a Human, a Halfa? You can specify what kind of ghost if you want.
Appearance { I think I make myself clear that if you are a halfa, you have to have two completely different appearances
Powers { Only for Ghosts and Halfas
Occupation { Like Valerie, are you a ghost hunter like her? This is optional
Likes Optional
Dislikes Optional
Affiliation { If you don't know what that means, it means if you're good or evil

~Here are the CANON characters you can be:~
Danny Fenton/Phantom:
Sam Manson:
Tucker Foley:
Jazz Fenton:
Madeline Fenton:
Jackson Fenton:
Dash Baxter:
Vice Principal Lancer:
Valerie Gray:
Vlad Masters/Plasmius:
Nicholai Technus:
The Box Ghost:
The Lunch Lady:
Ember McLain:
Penelope Spectra:
Dan Phantom/Dark Dan:
The Box Lunch:
Fright Knight:
Ghost Writer:
Johnny 13 & Shadow:
Pariah Dark:
Prince Aragon:
Sidney Poindexter:
Guys in White:
Masters' Blasters:
Dairy King:
Danielle "Dani" Phantom:
Princess Dorothea:
Damon Gray:
Tiffany Snow:
Lance Thunder:
Principal Ishiyama:

~Alrighty then! That's it for now! Enjoy the community and go ghost!~
(I know, lamest line ever.)

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she has Danny's, Dani, and vlad's abilities with a some add-ons and way advance as she's the first halfa/the goddess, also the has knowledge and etc. with witchcraft

well she's been in the deepest parts of the ghost zone so she hasn't been on earth in maybe 200 years so she wouldn't of had much of a job

she is a relative to Danny (what if Danny becoming Danny Phantom wasn't a near "accident" ? )
Name: Dianthya
Last Name: Fantasia
Human: Dianeya Fasia
Age: looks 20 (actually age who knows)
Appearance: (picture required)
Likes: mystery, adventurous, travelling, food, peace, justice, hope, country, animals, Imaginative, art, music, theatre, and other creative things, nature and magic. Saving thoughts who need saving

Dislikes: asses, being used, her mental illnesses through hidden them, sexist bigs and disabilities, bad guys, criminals, and etc. Unfriendly people, people abusing her for her.

GhostPerson/Human/FullGhost/GhostHunter: The Alpha halfa with semi witch
Devote, Caring, Dependable, badass, can be Moody, pretty Intelligent, fluffy Possessive, Sensitivity, Warming/ Sweetness, Affectionate/hotness/sexiness, , Femininity,humility/ wit, instinctive sympathy, kindness, courtesy, , energy, brave, independent courageous, rebellious, emo , even can be sometimes gothic, and Artsy/creative.
Bio: (I'm not great at these...)
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is this rp still open?

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Name Raven sylus Dark (alias- crimson devil
Age 17
Gender female
Species halfa
Appearance human-brown haif that fades to red
A red and black hoodie black ripped jeans and black and white checkered hightops
Ghost-her hair turns black with a electric blue fade a black trenchcoat black leggings and adventurer boots(her alternate ghost outfit is a blackk version of of the fur armor from skyrim
Powers flight,intangibilety, invisiblebility, fire teleportation, overshadowing,
Personality kind, responsible, loyal to her friends and family, heroic
Occupation hero
Likes chocolate, drawing
Dislikes spiders mannequins (these are her fears
Affiliation no one at the moment she just moved to amity park from texas
bio raven while older then danny hasnt had her powers as long raven is specifically a ghost witha flame based core for her fire attacks are her most powerful not much is known about her
Ravens symbol is a red ♠️with flames surrounding it
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Hi! I'd love for you guys to check out what Danny and Sam's kids would look like!

Please subscribe if you enjoy!

Anyone wanna rp?

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Name jake
Age 14
Gender m
Species human
Appearance { in pic }
Likes Fighting, snow, meeting new people
Affiliation neutral
Bio he was separated from his sister Cordelia for an unknown reason and was left in the ghost zone

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*I know people are going to comment about this so I'll clarify, I DID NOT get the eye thing from under tale, I took the eye thing from my first oc that was made in 2014 before undertale

Name Cordelia
Age 13
Gender f
Species I'm a ghost but I wasn't born one I died and became one
Appearance { in pic}
Powers shape shifting, can summon weapons and wings, and basic ghost abilities (to many to name)
Personality stubborn, sarcastic, empathetic
Occupation explorer
Likes exploring
Dislikes getting lost
Affiliation neutral
Bio she died in a fire and now wonders through the ghost zone and sometimes the human world documenting and finding her parents so she can move on and be at peace

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(Open rp)

walks around amity park, she stops to see a crowd of scarred people
Cordelia: why are all of you looking at me, you've all seen a ghost before

I am walking through the halls of Casper High, it's my first day at a new school and I'm a bit nervous
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