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So I tested my new art app with a lil Raggedleaf 2.0 +Lyra Naotsugu Ik it's a little messy (and I didn't even try a proper background) but hey (also I didn't notice how dark the colours came out on here)

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Here's her basic new design :3 +Undead Plant 

Guys, we need to start getting things organized around here.
I'm on my summer break, meaning I'll be online more often.

This place has died.
Btw, I'm going to be writing some of my own stuff, so I may not be on here as much.

Guys, I think we should set up auditions for roles.
And if there's any hand-drawn art that needs to be converted to digital art, I can do that.

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Here's a recording of myself singing Unravel in Japanese:

Alright, who wants to have a script writing ‘sesh with moi?

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Name: Hawkclaw
Personality: Determined, thoughtful of others, strong-willed, and sharp-tounged at times.
+Mιкαєlα Hуαкυуα

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Guys, so I recorded myself reviweing a fanfic.
And if you want to know what I sound like, here's a link to the vid:

Still waiting for the script...
When are we going to actually get work done on the animation?
And when are we going to do a group chat?
(If we do a group chat, be on time. Please.)
Also I'm going to be working on my own logo, I'll try to show you guys what it is before I change my profile pic to it.
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