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The Fairness and Justice (The Wonderful) Universe Government ) has asked Taiwan National Security Agency to pass the information to:
聯合國 ( United Nations ) , 美國中央情報局.( Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) ).
台灣總統府( Taiwanese Presidential Palace ),
中國政府( Chinese government )
美國政府( American government )
蘇俄政府(Soviet government)

2018.02.24 03:20
宇宙總統 阿里不達 說:
Universe President ālǐ bù dá said :

他聽到明朝的王守仁(王陽明)( 在徐紫涵的身上 )說:
He heard Ming Dynasty Wang Shouren ( Wang Yangming ) (in Xu Zihan's body) said:

"He has decided to let everyone die with Zheng Ziyan (born in Pingtung County) for a long time ."

所以, 一直要製造戰爭,
Therefore, the Ming Dynasty Wang Shouren (Wang Yangming) has been to create a war,

Let everyone destroy each other,

and finally left him and Zheng Zi Yan

宇宙總統柯柏文1 (蘇武 005 )及鄧麗君說他們早就知道
Universe President Kebo Wen 1 (Su Wu 005) and Teresa Teng said they already knew it

Universe President Guiguzi said:

Universe government hopes everyone helps
To kill in the universe's and earth's

Ming Dynasty Wang Shouren (Wang Yangming)
And Zheng Ziyan (born in Taiwan Pingtung County)
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