wondering if caprock weather would go back to supporting radaralive

At approximately 910 PM CDT, data flow from the National Weather Service to our data servers went down. This problem is upstream from us and is affecting other weather data providers as well. We apologize for any inconvenience, but it beyond our control.

Love the pricing and the options! One comment and one question:
A.) During this past week's outbreak, I noticed several times it seemed like the data was delayed by a scan or two. (I'm using PYKL3). I checked both NWS radar stats and Caprock status and all looked fine. Wondering if others experienced this. Of course, I was very glad to be getting data when our AH friends were experiencing an outage! Also, I really love that PDS watches and Tornado Emergencies are differentiated vs. AH. Super helpful. 
B.) Will lightning data be added at some point in the future? 

CaprockWeather subscribers can now simply add-on (or recharge) your account.  Simply go to the order page and select what time period that you'd like to extend your existing subscription.  You will be presented with the new projected expiration date.  After your purchase, your existing subscription will be extended!  This is a way to keep your existing link and password.  If your account expires, you'll be assigned a new set of credentials.

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CaprockWeather is pleased to announce their pricing structure.  We think you'll agree that we offer a great value! http://www.caprockweather.com/order.php

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Attention users: the complimentary "limitedfree" login credentials that PYKL3 Radar users have enjoyed for the past year+ have expired.  We are thankful to the multitude of users who expressed their appreciation for the free data feed over the past year+.  Visit http://caprockweather.com/ to get introductory rate of an entire month's subscription for only $1 (PYKL3Radar AND GrLevel3.) That's less than the price of a soft drink while chasing!  This offer is only valid until March 1 so get yours today!

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We are thrilled to announce that http://caprockweather.com/ is now open for business. CaprockWeather offers a very attractive introductory rate! Only $1 for 30 days of data. This offer is good until March 1st. Thereafter, we will have an array of competitively priced data plans for both PYKL3Radar and GRLevel3. We are seeking customer input for what they would like to see in the data package above and beyond our current offerings as we have more data than we know what to do with! However, we want to focus on the items that the users really want including data not available elsewhere! Welcome to CaprockWeather!
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