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Look what I found.. 😂

UGLY Mtf'ers 😈 Now let's find some bird that eats this.. 

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Does anybody know this Enl agent? 😇


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 Four or five country's covered here most excellent ! (very interesting) 


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En honor a los extintos fakes 

Alguien trabajando en hack de ubicacion para pokemom go ? Posiblemente funcionen parecidos a ingress digo yo

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La tara q nos margina en latam

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Sin excepxiones
Cheating and the Ingress TOS

A new year, and time to repost this one with updated links.

Ingress Terms of Service:
Ingress Community Guidelines:

From the Community Guidelines:
Cheating: Don't do it. Play fair. Only use official Niantic Labs software and remember Ingress is meant to be played on a mobile device and get you outside to explore your world! Methods of cheating, unfortunately, are limited only by cheaters' imaginations, but include at a minimum the following: using modified or unofficial software, playing with multiple accounts (one account per player, please); sharing accounts; win trading; using tools or techniques to alter or falsify your location; or selling or trading accounts. If you suspect someone of cheating, don't call them out in Comm or demand they show their face, just report it via the Help Center and focus on your mission.

Just a reminder folks.  With the anomaly looming, and Niantic attention focused here, cheating will not be tolerated by either the Niantic staff, or the Enlightened here in Brisbane.  We play a clean, fair game, and anyone caught cheating will be reported and asked not to be involved in our Anomaly experience.

Forms of cheating include:
* Win trading with opposition players to level or hack gear:  If you need help levelling or gearing, ask your faction to help.
* Account sharing: Hacking for someone else who isn't physically present, using someone else's account to attack portals at double strength etc, is cheating.  One person, one account.  
* Muling: Creating fake accounts with the purpose of using them to store spare or additional items.  Accounts for real players like wives, and children who actually can play are fine, and many will get their significant other to hold onto gear for them, but creating accounts with no unique individual behind them is not acceptable.  One person, one account.
* Multiple Accounts: Having multiple accounts that you use to play is cheating.  In Ingress a P8 requires 8 players to create. Having 2 or 3 accounts goes against the spirit of the game.  One person, one account.
* Spoofing: Using software to alter your location from the actual physical location of the player is not acceptable in any form.  Using spoofing to take down a field during an anomaly, to create a field, or capture and link portals will be actively pursued and reversed by Niantic.  Don't give the team a bad name or sully our win with it.
* Real Money Trading: If you see people selling gear for real money, report it.  Gear can only be obtained by hacking, or being donated by other legitimate players who hacked the gear up.  Don't buy bursters because you can't get the time to farm, use the time before the anomaly to farm and prepare your gear.
* Scripts or third party apps: Broot Mod is getting sweeping bans, so if you don't like playing for much longer, feel free to use it, otherwise stick to the legitimate client.  Same goes for phone model faking (for Ultrastrikes), drop tools, and any other script that automates your gameplay on the phone.  If it touches the client or simulates client actions, don't do it.
* Anything else that's not legit: If you're not sure, then odds are good its against the ToS. Ask someone if you really want to do it and still aren't sure.

* Passenger Hacking: For road safety, its generally accepted that someone in a vehicle can hack and act for the driver of the vehicle.  The account owner must be physically present, but in order to keep their attention on the road and not the phone, most people accept that the passenger can use the account.  Niantic cannot detect this, but that's not a justification for it.  Many people accept it purely from a safety point of view.
* IITC: Ingress Intel Total Conversion is a tool that is used around the world for operations and other activities purely because the raw Intel map is so broken.  If you're unsure or don't need its functionality, stay away from it, and if you do use it, keep it well up to date, and pay attention to the communities.  The only time people have been banned due to IITC was when a bugged mobile client was causing the device to hammer the Intel servers.  People got suspended initially but those who didn't update their client and kept trying to use it got banned.

Conclusion:  Cheating is bad, don't do it.  We'd prefer to lose without cheating, than win with it.

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Sé como José...

Hola, quiero pasarme al lado oscuro de Ingress. Me dijeron que aquí comenzaba mi viaje a la deepweb. Resumiendo: soy un buen muchacho y quiero volar. Tengo un ayfon. 😂
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