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God or bad
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Hi everyone!

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Welcome back to AddictedGamingUK. In today's Escapists Robsoma has to dodge bullets as he tries to escape the big house.

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Follow My Awesome Collection Of Game Play! I will put every video I do on it!

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☆ FB Event: Cast + Win A Hero!☆

Tell us who you'd cast to star in a CC movie, for a chance to win that Hero or 500 Gems!

Event Rules:
1. Like and Share this event.
2. Post your entry in the following format:
- Game Version (Android/iOS/Amazon/Windows):
- Language server:
- Your casting choice:
3. Multiple postings will be disqualified
4. We’ll randomly pick 50 players to win 500 Gems + one lucky winner will win their starring Hero!
5. IGG and the Castle Clash Team reserves all rights to the final interpretation and use of this event, its rules, its rewards, and all submissions.
6. The winners list will be posted within 48 Hours after the event ends.

Event Duration: May 6th - May 11th

Event Prize:
500 Gems for 50 FB winners + 1 Hero winner
500 Gems for 10 IG winners + 1 Hero winner (follow
500 Gems for 10 TW winners + 1 Hero winner (follow

Casting event heroes exclude the following:
All purchase heroes: Destroyer, Minotaur Chieftain, Spirit Mage
Event heroes: Arctica, Moltanica
and Skull Knight, Vlad Dracula, Ghoulem

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Your Likes lured out the goddess of war! Lady Leo has dropped from the sky to taste the thrill of Legendary battle. She's bringing a few new features with her, can you guess what they are?
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