Firstly I loved your work.
I started to setup AcDisplay soon i realized that there was an issue when i used a third party launcher, when i pressed the power button it always opened to the the lockcreen not Acdisplay and after unlocking AcDisplay appeared. So can you sort out my issue so that i can use my lockscreen with AcDisplay.

I wanted to suggset you to please include PIN, Password, Patter or Fingerprint for better security and productivity as if I decide to use AcDisplay i dont have any type of security like pin etc
Please Reply
Thank You

+Artem Chepurnoy
I dont that much about security i will get with the pin i just need a feature so that i can just have a simple lock

I guess If you take away the option to set screen timeout (device administrator permission), this app would work fine on devices with fingerprint scanner.

Are there any plans to allow us to resize our custom widget larger? Would also be awesome if we had the ability to move the clock higher/lower like traditional and stock lock screens

I think, maybe, you should consider to add a pin lockscreen (?)
I really think that this is a great idea...

Can we have double tap to wake?

Please please update AcDisplay, it's one of my favorite lock screen. Please put a pin/pattern security. :(

Can we have a feature by which AcDisplay will turn on when we pick the phone up from a surface, similar to display turning on while we take the phone out of the pocket??

Hi, it's wonderful app. But I have changed my device and now I am using Redmi Note 3. Ac display is not showing that notification.
Is that require to change any settings. I checked it out all of them but didn't find any relative to it.

Please assist.


Can have a feature on screen "unlock" (after touch swipe) trigger tasker task?

Is there (or are you planning to add) an option to leave the black screen with the clock and the notifications always on? (Like the feature on Galaxy s7) It would be great to have, and to be able to activate it only when charging, for battery saving purposes! Keep up the great work on this app!
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