My sms doesn't come up in acdisplay anymore.
Before it showed up in acdisplay and I could tap on it to open sms app. But now the phone screen turns on and a message is shown in the notification bar.
But my emails works fine. When I receive an email acdisplay starts and I can hold the email ikon to see a glimpse and then swipe down to dismiss.

I haven't updated my phone or any sms application.

I have a s7 edge and uses standard Samsung sms app.

I don't know what happend.

I installed hangouts and activated sms in and it works fine. But not the sms app in Samsung.

i m having a little problem with AC display.....the notification are working fine but there is no dosent show the content of the notification....i have privacy off on my AC display 

i had some issues with fingerprint unlock on my s7 edge :/
the issues : "Enter pattern instead of using fingerprint recognition because of security policy"?

При получении уведомления о том, что заряда осталось менее 15%, экран загорается и тухнет каждую секунду. После разблокировки это пропадает.

LG K3-LTE OC 6.0.1

Thx a lot, nomaly works perfect! But with fingerprint scanner on my op3, the the Unlockscreen change to a "no fingerprint included" after an action with acdisplay.
OnePlus3 Oxygen latest Version.

Can't unchecked the administrative permissions button, it crashes... Please help!

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Hi guys! Someone knows why I cannot active lockscreen in ACDisplay? I try to active but i cant.. Helpp :(

For the WhatsApp Notification doesn't show the background the profile photo, on Gmail, Hangouts happen too. Someone know why happen this? Or How to fix it?
On Telegram Notification shows the background witout problems.

*Android 6.0.1 (CM13)
With Xposed (And ACdisplay Module)*

I have a SGS7 and I'm unable to disable administrator access!

Every time I try to toggle it off the setting crashes. This is a horrible experience, and I'm unable to uninstall the app.
I like the app, but I also like controlling my device and deciding what's installed and what's not.

Please help.

Thank you

guys problem in miui 8 android 6.01 redmi note 3 pro, same notification keeps re appearing after screen turns off without interference , any ideas?? 
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