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AcDisplay is a new way of handling notifications in Android. It will inform you about new notifications by showing a minimal, beautiful screen, allowing you to open them directly from the lock screen. And if you want to see what's going on, you can simply take your phone out of your pocket to view all the latest notifications, in a similarly pleasing and minimalistic manner.

Q: How can I uninstall this app?
A: Go to Settings > Security > Device Administrators and disable AcDisplay. You can now uninstall AcDisplay normally.

Q: How to dismiss the permanent notifications of active mode or the lockscreen?
A:The notification is necessary to ensure AcDisplay isn't killed by the system. However, to hide it safely (sending test notification won't function anymore!) launch app info and disable showing notifications.

Q: When will the secure lockscreen (pattern/PIN) be implemented?
A: It is not possible to create a custom, secure lockscreen for Android.  Other apps that have this feature only pretend to be secure, but in the real world there's always a way to bypass them.

Q: I can see a typo / mistake in the translation!
A: Thanks, you can easily help out with that.
Join the app's page ( ) on crowdin and suggest a better translation.

Q: Can I help you somehow?
A: Yes, of course! If you want to translate, check the translation  page ( ), if you want to digg a lil bit dipper... go to the AcDisplay repo ( ) and start to help us: any contribution such as proofreading texts, fixing code style, basically anything is very welcome!

Why this app is dead?

Closed (see below) Question: What might cause following recent behavior on my Android 6.0 LG G4 phone (Yes, Ihave AcDisplay & I love it! :). If my phone screen is on (active) and I am e.g. writing an SMS, if I get a notification (say new E-mail), the phone screen dims/locks immediately. What setting (Android or AcDisplay) could cause this kind of behavior?

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Is there a way to remove the black filter on the lockscreen. This is the only app I could get to work with KLWP in order to properly customize my lockscreen but I can't see anything in outside lighting conditions because of the dimming.
I'm currently using it with MacroDroid to increase the display brightness when the phone is locked but it's a little glitchy...
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When i try to add widget it shows this error

I`m running android 5.0 on lg g3 and i wants to set the Ac Display as my default lock screen how can i do that?

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Thanks to +EzTech231 we have an official AcDisplay video!

#AcDisplay  v3.5 is rolling out and is avalable on GitHub ( ):
 - New option: "Wave to wake up" for the active mode. This feature has been available on debug builds since version 2.
 - Fix a crash, introduced in previous version.

Translation: Please comment here/email me, if you want to translate the AcDisplay but your language is not available on main page. I'll add it. :)

Development: I'm very welcome for any well-coded contributions and/or fixing typos and my poor English ( ). How does the wave to wake work? Here's the code of two programs of the active mode service:
mPocketProgram = new Program.Builder()
         .begin(true, POCKET_START_DELAY) /* is near at least for some seconds */
        .end(0) /* and after: is far  at least for 0 seconds */
mWave2WakeProgram = new Program.Builder()
        .begin(true, 200) /*        is near at least for 200 millis */
        .add(0, 1500) /* and after: is far  not more than 1 second  */
        .add(0, 1500) /* and after: is near not more than 1 second  */
        .end(0)       /* and after: is far  at least for  0 second  */
, so this is extremely easy to tweak and/or extend.

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#AcDisplay  v3.4.4 is rolling out and is avalable on GitHub ( ):
 - Fix a crash when playing music

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