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AcDisplay is a new way of handling notifications in Android. It will inform you about new notifications by showing a minimal, beautiful screen, allowing you to open them directly from the lock screen. And if you want to see what's going on, you can simply take your phone out of your pocket to view all the latest notifications, in a similarly pleasing and minimalistic manner.

Q: How can I uninstall this app?
A: Go to Settings > Security > Device Administrators and disable AcDisplay. You can now uninstall AcDisplay normally.

Q: How to dismiss the permanent notifications of active mode or the lockscreen?
A:The notification is necessary to ensure AcDisplay isn't killed by the system. However, to hide it safely (sending test notification won't function anymore!) launch app info and disable showing notifications.

Q: When will the secure lockscreen (pattern/PIN) be implemented?
A: It is not possible to create a custom, secure lockscreen for Android.  Other apps that have this feature only pretend to be secure, but in the real world there's always a way to bypass them.

Q: I can see a typo / mistake in the translation!
A: Thanks, you can easily help out with that.
Join the app's page ( ) on crowdin and suggest a better translation.

Q: Can I help you somehow?
A: Yes, of course! If you want to translate, check the translation  page ( ), if you want to digg a lil bit dipper... go to the AcDisplay repo ( ) and start to help us: any contribution such as proofreading texts, fixing code style, basically anything is very welcome!

I use Samsung A3 2017 device and its really usefull if i can see my incoming messages and the screen lock is only unlocked if i go to my power button or home button and not unlockef by tipping on the messages.
The problem is that if my phone is in my bag and i have a incoming message the screen will be unintentionally unlocked, its not ok!
Thank you

Hi! I really like this app but i have one small problem:

When ACDisplay turns on the screen and the screen goes black automaticly i can not wake the phone via fingerprint again because it says: "Device locked by administrator".

Is there any way around this? Maybe not letting ACDisplay turn of the display but the normal display timeout?

Everything else works fine. Thanks for this cool app!

Any updates coming in 2018 ?

I'd love to be able to use this app, but can't while it doesn't allow fingerprint unlocking.

Hi all. I'm using fp to unlock phone but it disabled after install ACDisplay. Any suggestion to fix it? I'm using as lockscreen ACDisplay

Firstly I loved your work.
I started to setup AcDisplay soon i realized that there was an issue when i used a third party launcher, when i pressed the power button it always opened to the the lockcreen not Acdisplay and after unlocking AcDisplay appeared. So can you sort out my issue so that i can use my lockscreen with AcDisplay.

I wanted to suggset you to please include PIN, Password, Patter or Fingerprint for better security and productivity as if I decide to use AcDisplay i dont have any type of security like pin etc
Please Reply
Thank You

+Artem Chepurnoy
I dont that much about security i will get with the pin i just need a feature so that i can just have a simple lock

What the actual fuck did this app do to my phone I can manage the device administrator Option with every single app except ac display Everytime I try disabling it my settings app crashes. I can't uninstall the app what the fuck is going on someone help

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What do you think about these?

Note, that
• It's not based on AcDisplay.
• It's just a demo at this moment.
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Sometimes the "swipe down clear", fiction doesn't work. When trying all the other icons light up. None can be cleared.
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