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Time to start the game!
Void, Time, Apple Juice, Virgo

It was a warm spring morning, very relaxed. I was sitting at my home when I received an alert that someone was pestering me. Who on Alternia could it be?
When I checked, it was none other than Dave Strider himself. I tapped away at my keyboard, giving a standard issue greeting. He asked me how it was going with using the Void godtier. I said everything was fine, and that time is all I need for now. He sent me a nod and we sat in a comfortable silence. I then got a notification that my Virgo of a best friend was pestering me. After about 10 minutes, I dismissed myself and got a glass of apple juice. Yep, just another easy spring day.

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+Brianna Mason Apple juice B3
+Dave S. Void
+Cronus. Time

HSHG- Round 1
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