The complexities of life are increasing , along with this collective tensions , individual suicide or suicide along with the entire family, mobs lining, incidents of communal violence are increasing. In the US and Europe, men and men suffer from fatal shooting, killing innocent people and taking self-centenary events is happening. Hasya kavi sammelans can play a key role in dealing with these side effects of globalisation. It works as a psychologist . When people come together to enjoy Hasya kavi sammelan , they feel relieved by the accumulated stress in their minds. According to Psychologists and physicians laugh loud for a few minutes, can make muscles stress free, and the risk of hart attack decreases. Therefore, the trend of comedy clubs has increased in not only India but in many cities of the world. People get together in a place and laugh loudly, this is a kind of exercise, Hasya kavi full fill this requirement easily. In the Hasya clubs , 10 - 20 people lough together without any reason , but in the Hasya kavi sammelans by listening poetry thousands of people are naturally laughing at every minute , no effort has to be made for this. The organizer of the Hasya kavi sammelan and,
the Poets are indirectly in the role of psychiatrist and the poet communicates humor during the sammelans and they also upload it on YouTube and social sites so that when it feels necessary and the people who have been freed, use the humorous tablets to get rid of stress and get refreshed mentally .

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Humor refreshes the human mind , now days Hasya kavi sammelan is become necessity of life . Wither it was On TV, on staze shows or on YouTube, people like to spend their time with fun poetry. Hasya Kavita is parominint among the nine rasas found in Hindi poetry scriptures with verses and ornaments. If this is not possible in life then life becomes dull .

Hasya ras such a thing that can be erupted by anything and can extend its effect to anything. The acharyas of dramatics understood the significance of human life, and only then the presence of the Hasya kavi in the play declared compulsory , it is helpful to keep the audience together while enhancing the drama that attracts the attraction. There was a lot of legislation for the communication of humor in ancient India. Even today, the Hasya Kavi Sammelan is a mode which takes people together.On the stage when the poet takes the mike, he begins to make his statement with his acting, Latifa, his statement, his reply and poetry, to the audience in Anand Sagar , Whatever the mood they have come in the Hasya kavi sammelan , but when they return, the atmosphere of the house gets joyful. This is the reason that whenever the Hasya kavi sammelan is organized, the audience, breaks down to listen it . On the stage, a poet comes in and brings out any social or eternal theme in the form of humor, and in this way Presents that people get aware and entertained from it . Undoubtedly, humor is not just a source of entertainment, but it is also an exercise.
Poets like, shambhu shikhar, Arun Jamini, padmini Sharma are popular in kavi sammelan / Hasya kavi sammelans

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Tree Conservancy in The City
I grew up in suburbia America. I am use to every one in my neighborhood having large properties with grass and trees,and our neighorhood had near by wood areas.
So it is no wonder I would not like to live in a city.

I don’t like cities because almost every where you look ,you see concrete buildings,concrete side walks,and asphalt roads,and all the pollution from all the vehicles in the air .

You know trees are so rare in city,they treat them like endangered species.
The city places 4 ft high electric fences around the bottom portions of the trees,to prevent dogs from killing the trees by lifting their legs and peeing on the trees.

You can tell the cities’ tree conservancy program is successful, because there is a hot dog stand on almost on every corner in the city.

Written Stephen J. Vattimo
Aug 18, 2017

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Sensitive,Caring ,Guy
Ladies and Gentelmen,

Isn’t common to hear that men are accused of not showing their Ladies that they appreciate them .
Well , just the other day, to show my girl that I love her,I decided to treat her to beauty Salon Make over.
So i took her to a Bicycle shop, and purchased a couple of bicycle tire repair kits.
Now inflatable Flo, looks ten years younger,and has no doubt I appreciate her.

She told me, she never thought in her wildest dreams, she would meet such a great guy who is sensitive and thoughtful , while she was working at an adult book store.

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo
January 6,2018

Mystery Of Missing Ships And Planes Solved
Any one ever wonder were all the planes and ships that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle have gone?

Well I found I out one Christmas Day. My parents had got me this really cool aircraft carrier toy that actually launched airplanes off it’s deck using catapults just like real Aircraft carrier do.
Well during one of my missions to defend the free world from enemies military forces. I launched one of my planes off my deck of my ship and watched it sore up ward through the air, then went into a barrel roll, then went into a dive and crashed right into the black dark ocean of my mothers hair who was sleeping on the couch in the room I was playing in.
Well I never recovered the down plane it was declared missing in action. Until a couple of months latter,when my mother ask me to go up to her bed room and retrieve something for her from her dresser. While search for the object she wanted I found my down naval plane that had gone missing months before. There it was lying at the bottom of one of her dresser drawers. I rescue the plane and hid it in my bed room. So do you want my mom’s phone number encase a airplane or ship disappears?

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo
March 8, 2015

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